Active Shooter Will Allow You To Shoot Up Schools Soon. Not Kidding.

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I’m not sure who thought this would be a good idea or how a project like this gets greenlit but apparently, it did and it’s real.

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Described by its Russian publisher, Acid, as swat team first-person shooter simulator and having the player taking the role of an armed officer who responds to a school shooting. That’s poor taste given the recent events but if that was the end of it, things wouldn’t be as bad. However, it gets worse. Titled Active Shooter, you also can take on the role of the shooter. Yes, you read that correctly. You get to become the shooter and murder escaping students. Oh, and it gets even worse. You also have the option to play as these children and try to frantically flee from the shooting. Disgusting.

The following is the listing from the Steam store:

Note: If you have to put a disclaimer like that, you probably shouldn’t make that kind of game in the first place.

There is a petition urging Valve to prevent the game’s release. I’m not sure how effective it’ll be but you can sign it if you feel compelled to. The developer, Revived Games, has said they would remove the option to play as the shooter but it seems that it is only looked as an option if the game cannot release as it is. At least that’s what I got based on this statement:

I think this is disgusting and extremely poor taste, worse than 2015’s Hatred. Unfortunately, people will always look to take monetary advantage of real world situations in hopes of making a few bucks. It’s sad and ugly to witness but this is where we are. I don’t agree with this game’s release but I do not think we should tell people what they can and can’t create. It’s a tough spot indeed.

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But what do you think? Are you alright with playing this game? Will you be picking it up? Are you not getting it? Comment down below and let us know where you stand and what you think. Also, remember to follow The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews.

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