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Guns, Explosions and Loot! Havocado is the new fighting game arriving on your favorite platform! What has Webble Games put into this game? Discover its secrets in this Havocado Review.

In this Havocado review, I’ll show you why this game brings out the worst in me – my competitive streak. This vibrant, multiplayer fighting game has everything… guns… explosions and POWERFUL MELEE. Wait? Melee? Yep! It doesn’t suck for a change. This is Webble Games’ first title and it is an absolute blast. Bearing in mind that the game is in early access on Steam, let’s jump in this Havocado Review with a bang as I give you my experiences so far.

  • Reviewed on Steam (Early Access) – coming to consoles (TBA)

There is no story, there is no method. The menu screen gives you a little playdough character of either orange, red, blue or green and this corresponds to your team. Orange being Alchemy, Red being Aero, Blue being Aqua and Green being Army. Now, when I started this game initially you merely had to select ‘Join Random’ and you’d be placed with other Havocado aficionados. However, today’s update has added Game Modes to the mix which I was super excited about. You are now able to pick between ‘Infinite’ and ‘Headhunter’.

‘Infinite’ implies exactly what it needs to; you are plunged map after map, all randomly chosen, with the goal of being the last one standing. The game is universally 4 player co-op but that is both multiplayer and couch. ‘Headhunter’ is a new PvP mode where it is the first person to reach 7 kills who wins. Since I have been playing there has been 2 updates fixing bugs, improving weapons and adding extra content and I know we all appreciate this level of dedication both to the game and fanbase.

The gameplay is delightfully simplistic. The menu will recommend you use a controller, so I have been using an Xbox One controller and the simplicity has made my experience stress-free. You can jump, climb, pick up and shoot. Yep! Simple. There is a tutorial once you first start the game to master these commands. Admittedly, I did find the climbing mechanic the most frustrating and have resigned myself to never reaching the higher areas unless the game spawns me a Jet Pack.

Once you spawn onto the map with your 3 challengers, it’s a race to grab a weapon and blow the other person off the map. Random spawns of weapons accompanied by a flourish of confetti mean the gameplay is unique each match. There do not appear to be set spawn points for weapons or the same weapons spawning each time you are on the map you know which adds to the unpredictability. Your choice of weapons ranges from a swordfish to a rocket launcher and EVERYTHING in between. Whatever your heart desires will materialize in front of your very eyes. Webble Games take this already chaotic and fast-paced gameplay to the next level by introducing vehicles into the mix. Whether it’s a hovercraft or a dinghy, make sure you give them a go as they are super fun and give you an obvious advantage. Unless you’re a rubbish driver like me!

The environments are also unpredictable with events happening when you’re in the thick of the action which can catch you out if you’re not paying attention. What I found wonderfully charming was that your little character has the best facial expressions depending on what they’re doing. This detail is so much fun but paired with certain power-ups it can lead to hilarious moments – for example, the coffee cup which makes your eyes widen, the lasers that can shoot from your eyes and the mushroom which makes you grow larger.

Headhunter mode is a lot of fun as it becomes much more competitive due to the scoreboard and obvious end goal. Although Infinite Mode has a goal, be the last one standing, you can feel you’re playing aimlessly after a while. Headhunter gives you that purpose as you race to be top of the leaderboard. My only concern with this mode is that if you commit suicide in the game, accidental or otherwise, there are point score consequences. So, I have had people already manipulate it to get a step ahead.

However, the wacky physics-based gameplay makes for some hilarious matches where you will be laughing out loud. There’s just something about your character being a rag doll that pleases us gamers! Each map is unique and allows you to use the environment against your opponent to confidently say ‘I have the high ground’ like Obi-Wan… or is that just me? *cough* Anyway, there are 40+ levels that range over different terrain and even have dynamic weather. Since I started playing a new treasure chest themed map has appeared to add further to the variety. There isn’t any music but the sounds throughout such as footsteps and the different sounds depending on certain weapons are crystal clear. Music may have made it seem that bit more dramatic.

Unfortunately, finding a game was increasingly difficult but I can understand as it is an early access game that may not be the topic of conversation yet. However, I assure you it will be. When I did get into a game I completely forgot about the wait and focused on pummelling my opponent. If a problem is encountered whilst playing there is a feedback form which can be filled in.

I would love to see a challenge system implemented that gave you an objective every match such as: killing X number of players, getting knockouts with the boxing glove or even just playing X number of games. The incentive to keep playing would greatly increase. Plus, customization of your little playdough warrior, possibly acquired through completing challenges, would also be something I would like to see.

If you are looking for a fun and chaotic competitive game to play with your friends or a game that puts you in a really good mood, this is the one for you. Webble Games are improving and updating constantly so I will be checking back regularly and letting you all know what is new with the game. This is one game you need to watch out for! If you’re interested then keep tuning into The Loot Gaming for all your gaming needs… come for Havocado but stay for the latest news, reviews, and articles.

All in all, Havocado is a fun game filled with chaos and mayhem. Webble Games has definitely put the 'Havoc' in Havocado.
  • Lots of fun
  • Colourful World
  • Constant updated content
  • An abundance of maps and weapons
  • Love the Multiplayer aspect
  • Needs an incentive to keep playing
  • Takes too long to find a game
  • The game did freeze when playing
  • Lack of music

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