Infernium Review

This game was reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro, also available on PC and Nintendo Switch.


Infernium is a non-linear game that is built for the hardcore audience. With its permadeath mechanic you will be starting this game over and over in the beginning a lot. The game is fair but very challenging and forces the player to think about an escape route and his next move while making the move he/she is making at the moment. A game that will keep the player on his/her toes at all times in an effort not to fall victim to the permadeath mechanic.


The game developer Carlos Coronado has likened his game “a survival horror approach to Pac-Man”. This is an odd reference considering this game has no similarities to Pac-Man in any way shape or form. That being said the gameplay is pretty straight forward once you figure it out for yourself. The game thrusts the player in to the developers version of hell without a single bit of a tutorial or what the game is intending to do. There are a few blurbs in the world that will tell you something to do but without knowing to walk to those you would never know they existed. The game’s permadeath system will leave you replaying the same sections over and over again in the first few hours. The game spans across 17 levels, each one ranging from caves to castles to lavish landscapes and waterfalls. The “enemies” you will face are basically either different colored floating robes to light shaped bodies that have different powers.


The game is made with Unreal Engine and like most games made with it looks beautiful. The developer did a great job with the construction of this game and it shows in each level design and landscape.

There isn’t much to the sounds of the game but after all you are in hell. The game is rather a quiet tranquil place with light sounds of the environment coming through. It’s a perfect touch to the beautiful landscapes provided and offer another level of immersion in to the developers depiction of hell.


Overall the game is pretty fun and definitely a choice for the hardcore gamer out there that likes solving puzzles and enjoys a challenge that matches that of some of the hardest games out there. You’ll definitely find yourself in a challenging environment unlike any other and you’ll have to stay one step ahead of your current movement to know exactly what to do next in order to evade the enemy and have time to perform an action. I wouldn’t suggest this game for the casual player though as you will likely get frustrated and never attempt to finish the game again. For the price however you may be tempted to give it a shot no matter what.












  • Beautiful Level Design
  • Immersive Worlds
  • Challenging

Not Cool

  • No tutorial
  • Too many loading screens
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