Life is Strange 2 teaser drops
...and I think I know what it is!

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Ever since French gaming company Dontnod dropped hints about Life is Strange 2 coming soon, the Internet has been awash with theories of what it might be. We basically know it’s not going to be about Max and Chloe, the two protagonists of the first Life is Strange and we also know it’s not going to be about Chloe and Rachel, as it happens afterwards. What we did find out in this year’s E3 is that it will follow on somehow from The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the free teaser that Dontnod made available just after E3 and which you can read all about here.

No, Life is Strange 2 is something different from the first and today sees the very first piece of actual footage in the shape of the teaser below.

As you can see, a policeman receives a disturbance call and is in the process of calming things down when he is hurled through the air and his police car overturns from what seems to be some kinetic force. That’s it, there’s not a lot to go on except the tease that all will be revealed on 20th August.

So what could it mean? Well, I have a sound theory. In Captain Spirit, there is a newspaper with a readable article of Seattle riots continuing a month after an incident where a local cop was shot and the man who shot him was killed in unexplained circumstances. This is the incident in the video. There is a date stamp of 28th October 2016 and in Captain Spirit, Chris finds a letter to his father from Beaver Creek Social Services dated 29th November 2016. So this is definitely not Chris in the video. It’s most likely that the video and the newspaper article are the links. We know Chris will play some part in Life is Strange 2 but looking less and less likely that he will be our main protagonist, but you never know.

It’s all very intriguing and there’s not long to wait now. I guess we’ll find out on the 20th of August.