Watch Dogs Legion announcement Ubisoft E3

Ubisoft E3: Watch Dogs: Legion announcement, trailer, and release date

The latest from the Watch Dogs franchise is set in a dystopian future in England’s capital, London. Creative Director Clint Hocking said, ‘The UK has become a surveillance state and freedom has been replaced with fear’. London is facing a downfall in this post-Brexit future, and players are required to choose their best members from the population to help form a powerful resistance to fight back against organization Albion. The aesthetic for this game looks incredible; it’s colorful, inviting and the streets of London look faultless.

Ubisoft claims that you can recruit any member of the population in the game to join your forces, going from metropolitan police to a 70-year-old woman; this was shown in the incredible trailer that was aired at the conference. All characters have backstories, a different personality, strengths, and weaknesses… you can even apply perks to your chosen recruits and level them up.

You control multiple characters, as seen on similar games like State of Decay, which also features perma-death, so you need to be careful whenever you are in combat because if your recruit dies… that’s it.

Switching between characters seems effortless, from there you can enjoy hacking, stealth and combat features that give players freedom of choice in how they play. Each mission is tailored to your character abilities and they all have special voice lines when taking out enemies. As shown in the trailer, it seems no matter what happens to the characters you play, the cutscenes and in-game dialogue will always remain accurate and detailed depending on who you are playing or talking to. This was a feature that blew me away, the programmers must have worked so hard on this game and it really shows with every possibility: this makes the game feel so immersive and I think its such a great touch for a game like this one.

After the Ubisoft conference, it is said that Nvidia confirmed that Watch Dogs: Legion will support DXR real-time ray tracing. This means that the lighting in the game will be more realistic and reflect in ways that you wouldn’t see in most games, this is super important for making London look as real as possible.

The game is set to release on the 6th of March 2020, so now is the perfect time to jump into the other games from the Watch Dogs franchise if you haven’t already!

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