Weird and Wonderful Numskull Designs Borderlands 3 merchandise available to pre-order now!

Ah Borderlands, an incredible franchise. I’ll never forget Face McShooty, Tiny Tina, Handsome Jack and the most annoying character in history, Claptrap. I love them. Even the stupid little stair hating robot. With Borderlands 3 less than a month away now (!!!!!) it’s time to get really excited. Really, REALLY excited. To help fuel that exciting energy, Numskull Designs has turned up with an excellent Borderlands 3 merchandise line.


I have no comment to add to the ducks. Just imagine Tiny Tina screaming something about how cute they are.

Incense Burner

This incense burning model of the new Rampager monster stands at a monstrous 37cm tall. Imagine the smoke coming from this while you set the real one alight in game.



Who doesn’t love a plush? Even me, a man manlier than Roland himself (RIP) has a Bloodborne plush (and a Mr Drippy, ten points to anyone who gets that reference).

I want the Claptrap.


I need the Claptrap.


The Highlights

Merchandise is always best when it A. Pays detailed homage to a franchise’s lore and 2. Gets a bit bizarre. These four items are the ones I personally feel franchise fans should be most excited about:

You can pre-order the full line, including mugs, wallets and snapbacks, right here!


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