10 upcoming new releases for Xbox One

September is mostly seen as a quiet month before all the triple A studios release their newest games in October and November. But not this year, we see a wide range of unique games coming out this month and we want to inform you on the 10 most important ones. Just to be clear: this list is not by any means in chronological order. So let’s get started!


Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite


Marvel vs. Capcom Infinte is a new game in the beloved franchise. The games have been praised by all types of fighting games fans and even non fighting games fans adore the franchise because of the original idea to combine Marvel and Capcom in one unique game.

Infinite has a big roster full of new characters including: Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ultron and much more

Release date: September 19



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If you have been waiting for an amazing game to play with one of your buddies, now is your chance! Cuphead is finally releasing in September after its announcement at E3 2014. Fans of old Disney cartoons have been waiting to play this game because its original artstyle.

Great co-op platform games are not releasing as much as want them to do but Cuphead will fill that empty hole for all the fans of these types of games.

Release date: September 29


Destiny 2 



Destiny 2 is the anticipated sequel to one of the most popular games of 2014. Many new friendships have been made trough Destiny 1, for example while raiding an enemy ship or while racing trough the open area’s of Venus on your own personal Hoverbike.

Destiny 2 is set after the events of the first one and starts with you escaping the Destruction of the tower, your HUB world in Destiny 1. It’s your duty as a guardian to take revenge for this action and to murder every cabal and Vex in your way

Release date: September 6

                                         Project Cars 2



Project Cars 2 will be the follow up to the averegly recieved Project Cars 1. It was an extremely realistic but fun racing game and the second will surely only improve on the first one. This time their will be more tracks and huge amount of new rides for you to try out. You should surely check this game out if you’re a fan of realistic racing simulators.

Release date: September 22





This might be one of those games that will slip under the radar for most gamers, so thats why we will mention it here because we give Indie games as much love as we give to Triple A’s.

Pankapu is a 2D action platformer with some rather inetersting mechanics. You are able to switch on the fly between your main hero characters. Each character has it’s own special ability’s which you are able to level up and develop more. The Artstyle is great and it’s worth a look.

Release date: September 19



                      Fifa 18


Fifa 18 is also coming out this year. Every sports fan knows what they’re getting with this one, but this Fifa might be a great one compared to last generations. All the teams are updated to include the most recent players, and the roster of teams is bigger than ever.

Fifa 17 Introduced an original story mode into the franchise: The Journey. This time it’s back with a more cinematic experience and even better looking graphics and animations. Fifa keeps improving every year and we can’t wait to get back on the field.

Release date: September 19




Ruiner might be one of the most interesting games this month. The game is set in a cyberpunk world where you can be anything and do anything you want. You will find many enemies the streets of this incredibly crafted game.

The gameplay is quite simple to learn but hard to master. The game is played with a top down camera and you are able to move freely wherever you want, you also have slowmotion power by your side to help you fight the enormous waves of enemies. If you like the sound of an incredibly difficult cyberpunk shooter, than you might wanna check this one out.

Release date: September 26


 Baja: Edge of Control HD


Baja: Edge of Control HD is a remake of an old classic racing that you might gave missed. The original released in 2008 for the Xbox 360 and was very well recieved by critics, but didn’t sell very well.

Baja includes more than 160 offroad vehicles to race with on more than 100 race tracks! The variety and speed in the game is what makes this racing game special. Edge of Control is truly something special for all arcade racing game lovers out there.

Released ate: September 14


Dishonored: Death of the OutsiderDish.jpg


This standalone expansion of Dishonored is rather impressive in scope. You play as Billie Lurk and try to find the “Outsider”. The game is set a couple months after the second Dishonored. You return to Karnaca to meet up with an old friend: Daud. Together you will explore the city and recover as much information as you can get on the Outsider.

The gameplay or graphics aren’t much different from Dishonored 2, but thats not a bad things because Dishonored 2 had some amazing mechanics and exploiration that you can’t find in any game elsewhere.

Release date: September 14


The Lego Ninjago Movie video game



Lego games have been the most fun games for children over the last century. The newest game from Lego is based on the Ninjago Movie that will also come out this month! We don’t know much about this Lego besides that it has a new combat system and is set in huge open world.

This lego game will have less traditional linear levels and a more focus on exploring the open world with one of your friends.

Release date: September 22


September will be an amazing month for gaming and we hope you you found something new and interesting on this list that you haven’t seen before!



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