1C Company Gamescom roundup: Stygian, Deep Sky Derelicts, Devil’s Hunt and more

The 1C Company brought a very wide variety of games to Gamescom 2018. Ranging from unique Indies to big AAA efforts there was something on show for everyone. Here I’m going to run through some of what I saw or played and highlight some of the top games on offer. If you want to know more, head over to http://www.1cpublishing.eu for all the latest updates.

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

This is one of the most unique games I saw. A tactical, turn based RPG that uses a grid based movement system, Stygian is set in the Lovecraftian 1920s. It’s a dangerous world, the residents of Arkham themselves offer plenty of challenges, the other creatures that will emerge from the depths of the Abyss will haunt you. One of the important gameplay factors is sanity. If you can’t cope with the world, it will push your character to a breaking point. Dialogue choices will change dramatically to match your mental state as paranoia takes over. You’ll have 8 characters to choose from, each with different skills and backgrounds and you’ll be able to forge your own story as you journey through this world of cosmic horror when Stygian launches in 2019.

Deep Sky Derelicts

Darkest Dungeon in space. That’s how the developer sold this to me. Developer Snow Bound have put a lot of effort into giving DSD a unique look and it has paid off. It looks and flows like a comic book come to life. A turn based strategy RPG with roguelike elements in which you’ll enter a derelict Alien spaceship in order to salvage scrap. The ship in question is the rumored home to untold riches which will enable your character to leave this ‘profession’ and enter a new class of citizen that’ll enable him a much more cozy, surface life. With a ton of replay value due to the procedurally generated environments and a fresh take on turn based combat by utilizing cards than Deep Sky Derelicts is looking like something special.

Devil’s Hunt

This is cheating since I already have a full hands-on preview available for Devil’s Hunt. As Desmond you’ll take on angels and demons, good and evil, heaven and hell as you looked to regain your humanity. With brutal third-person combat and an interwoven narrative based on Pawel Lesniak’s Equilibrium novel, Devil’s Hunt is set to stand out from the crowd when it launches in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

A ‘classic RPG’ with a story based on Norse mythology. The story sees you play as a young pure Elf, Aurehen, and experience her quest as she battles to free the last Unicorn in order to preserve the Elvish race’s immortality. You’ll develop your character, explore a beautiful and lore filled world, gain access to brand new equipment and skills and travel to a plethora of varied environments when Eternity launches in 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. 

More to come…

Honestly, make sure to check out the 1C site. There are more tactical RPGs like Fell Seal, an arena fighter in Gift of Parthax, and even a pair of RTS’ in Re-Legion and Ancestors Legacy. Stick to thelootgaming.com for all of your Gamescom news and previews.

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