2018 Video Game Releases: The Exclusives

2018 is shaping up to be an absolutely humongous year for video games. Whether you love First Person Shooters or Japanese Role Playing Games I can guarantee this year has something tailor made for you. This article will take a look at the First Party hardware manufacturers and what games they have coming exclusively to their console from their own in house studios, and from third party developers who have decided to make their game exclusive to a certain system. For the sake of this article, if a game is on PC as well as only one console, it will count as an exclusive. If a game currently only has a release date or a release confirmed on one console, it’ll count as an exclusive. Common sense will do its part though, we all know any Mario games releasing won’t be coming to PS4 or Xbox One!



We’ll start alphabetically with Microsoft. 2017 wasn’t the company’s best year in terms of exclusive games but so far 2018 is promising to be much better. With rumors of a new Halo game, a British developed Fable 4, a Japanese set Forza Horizon 4 and Phil Spencer’s constant tweeting about how exclusive titles are Microsoft’s new focus there’s a lot to potentially be excited about. Fortunately on top of this we have some games slated for 2018 release already, including a major exclusive with a release date. This is Rare’s Sea of Thieves. Releasing on March 20th with Xbox One X enhancements, the open world pirate adventure will surely make a splash if the impressions from the Alpha tests are anything to go by. Next up with a release date is a new release of modern juggernaut Minecraft. The Super Plus Pack releases on May 1st with tons of the game’s DLC included as well as Xbox One X enhancements.


Unfortunately we don’t have anymore release dates, however we do still have several games slated for release. One of the higher profile games Crackdown 3. Infamous due to its reveal nearly four years ago and constant delays it is finally set to release in Spring this year. Co-developers Reagent Games and Sumo digital are still yet to reveal the game’s multiplayer, which will likely be a massive part of the game. Speaking of multiplayer, State of Decay 2 will lead to many long co-op sessions among friends when it releases this year. There hasn’t been a lot of details released yet but I’m sure we’ll learn more soon. Moon Studio’s Ori and the Will of the Wisps is another high profile release that we’ll hopefully hear more about soon, but it has a 2018 release slated. Outside of these Xbox One has a load of interesting Indie games to look forward to, Ashen, The Artful Escape and The Last Night are a few of the big ones featured in Microsoft’s 2017 E3 press release.



Following a massive 2017 for Nintendo with the 3DS continuing to sell strong and their newest hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch smashing (sorry) many sales records they have high expectations in 2018. Adding to this was the release of this site’s highest rated game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and another game of the year contender, Super Mario Odyssey. Fans are wondering if Nintendo could match this, or better yet, one up themselves (sorry again folks). Only a handful of games actually have release dates. Bayonetta 1+2 release on February 16th. This is a very strong start to the year with two exceptional action games. According to another article on this site by WriterPayne Bayonetta 3 will also release in 2018. In Early 2018 we’re confirmed to get Kirby Star Allies and an untitled Yoshi 2D side scrolling platformer. Both games features multiplayer and the signature Nintendo charm and will no doubt be a lot of fun. We don’t know a lot about either, but expect to learn more very soon.


Moving on to games we know less about, there is a huge third party exclusive in Square Enix’s Project Octopath Traveller. There’s currently a demo available on the eshop (play it, it’s amazing) and the RPG’s signature ‘HD-2D’ art style is stunning to behold. Also in the RPG genre is the untitled Fire Emblem game announced for release this year. No information is available except that it will be a more traditional Fire Emblem game than recent entries. Potentially finishing off 2018 on Nintendo’s triple A front is the untitled Pokemon RPG on Switch and Metroid Prime 4. If these two games were to release in 2018 it would be absolutely huge. Of course the Switch is also receiving  strong Indie developer support. Hollow Knight, No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, Wargroove and Super Meat Boy Forever. There is an Nintendo Direct rumored to be airing January 11th which will hopefully give us more details on Nintendo’s 2018. One things for sure, there’s a lot to find out, if Nintendo can deliver on the potential it will be another incredibly memorable year.



Finishing off this article is Sony, with undoubtedly this generations widest and most impressive exclusive line up. After a great 2017 which really solidified their place as market leader with record sales and some great exclusive games, the company is really in a place to take the Playstation 4 to the next level. Things kick off as early as January 24th for Sony as Playstation VR owners prepare themselves for a visit to an asylum as The Inpatient a loose prequel to 2015’s horror game Until Dawn from Supermassive games. Less than a week later on January 30th is the fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The collaboration with Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja, developers of 2017’s Nioh, should guarantee action game fans receive a treat. Again only one week later on February 7th is the remake of timeless classic Shadow of the Colossus. The game looks really beautiful so far and it’s obvious that a lot of work has went into this project. On March 7th is another PSVR exclusive, Bravo Team. The game is fully compatible with the Aim controller and should be a really exciting experience. The much delayed Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is a game I’ve been desperate for since beating the original on PS3 and I can’t wait for its release on March 23rd, provided their are no further delays.


After this things get much less clear. We can speculate on releases based on what Sony have said, but several huge games are yet to be dated. God of War has been rumored to release in March, this seems likely as the game has been confirmed to release in Early 2018. Another early 2018 release is David Cage’s Detroit: Become Human. The game has already garnered controversy for the way it approaches adult themes and it really displays a maturity that most video games lack. The final early 2018 release is Spiderman. It is being developed by Insomniac Games, famous for the Ratchet and Clank series and the game is currently being play tested in house indicating that it’s close to release. The gameplay has over 40 million views on Youtube and due to the brand and standard of quality that Insomniac are known for there is huge levels of expectation on this exclusive title. Also slated for 2018 are Days Gone and Dreams. Both games have been in development for some time and should be due release information very soon.


Taking a breather…

Basically 2018 is going to be huge no matter what platform you game on. Whether you own an Xbox One S, X, PS4 or Nintendo Switch there’ll always be something to look forward to, and this doesn’t even include the major multiplatform releases such as Far Cry 5 or Monster Hunter World and the guaranteed  annualized releases like Call of Duty and FIFA. E3 2018 is going to be incredible.

I’ve no doubt missed a few games so feel free to comment and jog my memory!

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