2019 New Years Gaming Resolutions

It’s the New Year – and with the change of the calendar comes an opportunity to push the reset button and set some goals for positive change. While the glow of the new year slowly fades as we march onward into 2019, I thought it would be fun to look at how gamers could challenge themselves to be better this year.


Here are some New Year’s resolutions for gamers to help you get the most out of your year.

Lose that unwanted holiday backlog weight – those holidays sales can be tough sledding for gamers. With all the discounted games, it’s easy to forget your budget and load up your backlog. Come New Years morning you take one good look at your backlog and going hogwild at that holiday sale now seems like a mistake better forgotten. This year, look through your backlog list, check it twice, and start working your way through those games you thought were too good a deal to pass up. I’ve developed a little trick myself to help from my backlog growing any further – before purchasing a game, I ask, will I play it before it goes on sale (again)? This helps me avoid piling on my already obscene backlog, and hopefully find time for some of the unplayed gems in my ready to install lists.

Finish what you’ve started – that prince or princess won’t save themselves. There are several chapters beyond the first in Red Dead Redemption 2. God of War has an amazing ending. It’s easy to find yourself getting distracted with all the great games available to us at the click of a button. In a similar vein to the holiday backlog issue, another issue is starting too many games at once. Here’s a goal for you: When you start a game, try to remain determined to finish it. There are also some online campaigns, like the 12 in 12 challenge (completing one game a month), that provide you an opportunity to brag a little about how you’ve been crushing it in 2019.

Save yourself from from launch day blues by skipping the preorders – if we’ve learned anything from 2018 its that Preorders often lend themselves to massive disappointment. When a trusted company like Bethesda takes a run through the mud over a canvas bag, it might be time for consumers to start thinking about keeping companies in check and saving a lot of money in the process.

Be an indie darling and trying something new – While there’s certainly some good looking AAA titles coming this year, some of the standout titles of 2018 were Celeste, Dead Cells and Gris. Supporting indie titles not only supports innovation in development, but it may very well lead to your new favourite game you never knew anything about.

Don’t feed the trolls & play what you like – I think we can agree – there’s a lot of terrible things happening in the world today. Decorum and thoughtful discussion can easily melt into anonymous name calling and mud slinging, although this is a symptom of a bigger online problem. Worse yet, trolls are being given platforms by the very people who are calling them out. It’s very good to have thoughtful discussions about issues, and even games that make us think and feel differently. Just remember, while we may have rules in society, the online forum isn’t governed by these same rules, and all bets are off. It’s best to ignore it the inflammatory remarks, just enjoy yourself (see: Fallout 76, or Sea of Thieves), try to be thoughtful and be the best person you can.

And those are our 2019 New Years Gaming Resolutions! Will you try them? Got any other you’d like to share with us? Feel free to do so in the comments section below!

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