2K, Blind Squirrel Games, and Nintendo Owe Us Money

I love pro wrestling. I grew up during its height, through the beloved attitude era. I watched Stone Cold, The Rock, and others become the iconic legends they are now. I’ve gone back and watched the rise of Hulkamania and the Ultimate Warrior (their WrestleMania VI match is one of my favorites). I’ve been a witness to the rise of Kenny Omega and on September 1st I was All In. This love of pro wrestling complimented my love for video games and, well, I’ve bought nearly all the games to release in my lifetime and before.

After the bankruptcy of THQ, 2K and WWE came to an agreement that saw the massive developer/publisher get the exclusive rights to produce WWE games. Graphically, these games have never looked better but when it comes to gameplay, the fan base was somewhat divided. Especially at the beginning because of the more simulation direction the game would be taking. I had no issues with this and was actually excited once I saw the initial reveal. Since then, yearly micro updates have been released (as typical of sports games).

So what’s the point of this article?

WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch and the upcoming release for WWE 2K19.

I don’t think anyone could have truly predicted that the Switch would become one of the best and fastest selling consoles for Nintendo. Many third-party companies that decided to take the wait and see approach, rightfully so, because of the failures of the Wii U now had to scramble to jump on board. 2K was one of these developers/publishers that had to make fast moves to get something on the hybrid console, as everything seems to sell extremely well on it, and fan clamouring made a wrestling game as the obvious choice. In a surprise announcement, 2K officially announced WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch with WWE superstar Seth Rollins.

After that, this version went dark. No updates, no mentions, and no release date. Nothing. The other versions were released without issue but 2K wouldn’t comment on what was going on with the Switch version. This didn’t stop them, of course, from putting it up for preorder on the eShop, as well as a digital deluxe edition that came with the game’s season pass. I preordered, like many, and purchased the season pass. Then, randomly, news starting pouring out that the game was being released without a formal announcement across the world. Stories of Wal-Mart selling it early, YouTubers went out and purchased it, and this strange release was another sign that something was wrong.

Blind Squirrel Games and 2K are behind this port and this port, which is a stark contrast to the NBA 2K18 port, is horrible. This is the worst Nintendo Switch game released to date. The game barely runs, it stutters, it crashes, and that’s not even mentioning textures, character models, and online. Knowing this, and seeing all the evidence online, 2K and Blind Squirrel Games refuse to acknowledge the existence of this game. They refuse to respond to anyone on any platform and no one seems to have gotten any information on how these devs will make this right. That’s the point of this article.

Character models are less detailed than the other console counterparts, which understandable, but the titles are blacked out. Entrances for wrestlers hit below 15 frames per second, with audio and movement being completely out of sync. Crowd cheers, or boos? All sound muffled and distorted. One on one matches barely run, any increase of players on screen nearly tanks the game completely. It’s like watching clay animation from someone who has never done it before, it’s horrendous. The lighting, if there is any, is atrocious and makes the characters look alien. The game has online but good luck getting anything above 2 frames. This is a pathetic, worthless release and is the absolute worse game ever produced this generation, maybe even of all time. I rather play Superman 64.

How is this game able to release in this state? How can 2K, Blind Squirrel Games, and even Nintendo allow this to happen? Someone, the companies stated above, owe us. Several patches and no improvement to the game, no DLC released despite people purchasing it, and not even any confirmation that any attempt to fix this has been mentioned. It’s shocking… Yet despite this, 2K is really pleased with the sales and performance of this game? Yeah, no. They owe us a refund at least.

It doesn’t upset me that 2K19 isn’t coming to Switch but it does rub me the wrong way that they’ve spent promoting a 1 million dollar challenge but can’t spend money on fixing a product that had already released. Make it a $500,000 dollar challenge and take the rest of the money and fix, or refund, those who own 2K18 on Switch. I understand they don’t care but they have an obligation to either provide what they said they would or backtrack and return the money they’ve taken from gamers. We can’t let this just pass by. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like wrestling games or WWE, but if we allow them to get away with this, they will try it with a more successful release. Let us not forget that their beloved Red Dead Redemption 2 will have microtransactions, in fact, 2K has boasted that they are here to stay.

2K, Blind Squirrel Games, and Nintendo need to do the right thing and either fix the game or give us back our money. This also needs to be a reminder to us that these companies aren’t our friends and will take advantage of us if they can get away with it.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you frustrated with WWE 2K18 on Switch? Did you buy it? Comment down and let me know what you think. Also, remember to follow The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews and on everything from shady developer and publisher practices.

And now, a visual representation of WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch:

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