4K HDR Compatible Apps Are Being Worked On For Xbox

Today Phil Spencer was active today on Twitter, answering some questions people were asking him. I came across a certain couple of tweets about a subject that a lot of people have been wondering for awhile. Are there 4k apps being worked on since the Xbox One X is a great 4k machine, and will some be HDR compatible?

With Xbox One X the 4k era of gaming has really taken hold across the gaming community. This new type quality of viewing is substantially better than 1080p, enhancing the “crispness” of the image allowing for an overall larger view and HDR really making those colours pop. These easily make you a better gamer, because the immersion into the game will be just “that much” more. Enhanced detail gives you the ability to pick out the slightest movement or change in imagery, allowing for faster reaction time.

Phil Spencer expressed that apps are being worked on, and he very much would like these apps 4k compatible. He’s impatient himself, and i don’t blame him! We have all been teased with excellent 4k HDR gaming and now we want MORE! This type of quality content is on a whole other level, and is the future of Media Entertainment.


The Xbox team knows they need to consistently work on these types of apps and bring them to the player base. Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to contact the app developers you would like to see this on as well! The more customer feedback is given, the more likely these changes will happen. YouTube for one really needs this, as well as a complete overhaul for the app on Xbox. Netflix already has a 4k option, but no integrated HDR for that streaming service which i very much would like to see. What else do you feel should be updated for 4k HDR support? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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