5 Indie Games Currently in Development 2018: Upcoming Titles to Watch

The indie gaming scene is experiencing a remarkable surge, with new titles being released at a pace that’s both exciting and overwhelming. This abundance, however, has its drawbacks as numerous innovative game ideas get lost amid the influx of releases. These indie games, often crafted from a deep passion for gaming, may lack the marketing muscle but certainly not the creative spirit. Gamers have a treasure trove of imaginative concepts awaiting discovery, concepts that promise to deliver countless hours of entertainment if only given the chance.

To help these hidden gems shine, a curated collection of indie games has been assembled for exploration. This selection includes concise reviews and essential details that enable gamers to experience these offerings firsthand. Through discussions with many of the developers behind these games, insights into their creation and vision have been gleaned, providing a unique perspective into the indie gaming landscape. Each game featured here can be downloaded at no cost, offering an accessible avenue to support and enjoy these creative endeavors.

1. Spotlight on Piko Piko

Insights from the Creators

In an exclusive interaction, the creative minds at Marquet Games shared key insights into the development of their charming indie title, Piko Piko. They emphasized their commitment to crafting a narrative-driven experience, centered around a blacksmith girl armed with a magical hammer. Piko Piko combines elements of action platforming with storytelling akin to a visual novel, inviting players into an endearing world filled with adventure and mystery.

Support Marquet Games’ Journey

Marquet Games has opened several avenues for enthusiasts to support the continuation and success of Piko Piko’s development. Here are practical ways you can help:

  • Financial Contributions: Consider backing the game via crowdfunding platforms or through direct support options available on the game’s official website.
  • Social Sharing: Help increase the game’s visibility by sharing information about Piko Piko on social media platforms and gaming forums.
  • Feedback: Engage with the development team by providing constructive feedback on beta releases or demo versions.
  • Word-of-Mouth: Simply talking about Piko Piko to friends and fellow gamers can bolster community interest and support.

By participating in any of these support methods, fans contribute significantly to bringing Piko Piko closer to completion and success within the indie gaming market.

2. Spotlight on “Dark Medieval Times” Alpha Version

Insights from the Creators

The team at Darkenauts Studio has been very articulate about their journey in creating “Dark Medieval Times,” an action platformer RPG that draws inspiration from several classic and modern titles. They’ve designed it to be a challenging experience that caters to fans of hardcore gameplay and exploration. This game is being developed with the aim to blend the intense combat systems synonymous with Souls-like games and the exploratory elements found in Metroidvanias.

Supporting Darkenauts Studio

To aid in the development of “Dark Medieval Times,” interested gamers and supporters can:

  • Playtest the Alpha Demos: Engage with the early versions of the game, which provide a firsthand look into the mechanics and style of the title.
    • Feedback: Constructive criticism is crucial; sharing detailed experiences can help the developers fine-tune gameplay elements.
  • Social Media Interaction: Following their Facebook page, sharing your thoughts, and spreading the word to increase visibility.
  • Community Engagement: Participate in discussions on forums and within gaming communities to keep the buzz alive and contribute to the shaping of the game through public opinion.
  • Financial Support: As an indie studio, financial backing can be a massive boon. Interested parties might consider donation-based support or future crowdfunding campaigns.

Through these actions, the gaming community can play a significant role in the successful development and refinement of indie games like “Dark Medieval Times.”

3. Desert Kill

Supporting Io Games in Crafting Desert Kill

To aid in the development of Desert Kill by Io Games, interested parties can engage in several supportive actions:

  • Feedback Submission: Submit constructive feedback on gameplay mechanics and design by participating in beta testing phases, if available.
  • Social Media Engagement: Amplify visibility by sharing updates and news on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, using specific hashtags related to Desert Kill.
  • Financial Support: Consider backing the game through crowdfunding platforms or directly through Io Games’ website, if such options are provided.

By taking these steps, enthusiasts can contribute significantly to the successful development of Desert Kill.

4. Spotlight on ‘Guardian of Andra’

Interview Insights

In a recent discussion with the game’s creators, key insights were shared about the anticipated title ‘Guardian of Andra’. They expressed their vision for creating an immersive 3D action-adventure game. Their passion for traditional storytelling is coupled with engaging gameplay mechanics to bring the story of Erinn’s search for their missing brother to life.

Supporting the Development Journey

To aid in the development process for ‘Guardian of Andra’, the team at Causal Bit Games Inc. welcomes various forms of community support:

  • Feedback: Playtesting and sharing your experiences can provide invaluable insights.
  • Sharing: Spread the word about ‘Guardian of Andra’ through social media and gaming forums.
  • Contributions: Consider supporting development directly through crowdfunding platforms.

Check their ongoing progress on platforms like Itch.io for alpha versions, or connect with other fans on gaming community sites such as Game Jolt.

5. Spotlight on Underhero

Insights from an Exclusive Interview

In a recent highlight from an interview, the developers behind Underhero shared engrossing details about the game’s inspiration and mechanics. Stemming from classics like Paper Mario, Underhero promises a unique twist on the 2D RPG genre by introducing timing-based combat mechanics, foregoing traditional turn-based encounters. The game captivates with a blend of charm and wit, delivered through its colorful cast and engaging narrative.

  • Inspired by: Paper Mario series
  • Unique Mechanic: Timing-based combat
  • Narrative: Engaging and humorous
  • Art Style: Vivid 2D graphics

Supporting Paper Castle Games

If you’re keen on contributing to the development of Underhero, there are several avenues to consider:

  1. Feedback Contribution
    • Play the demo and share your insights.
    • Provide constructive criticism to shape the game’s progress.
  2. Financial Support
    • Consider funding the developers directly via game purchases or donations.
    • Purchase merchandise or promote the game to increase funding.
  3. Promotional Efforts
    • Spread the word on social media platforms.
    • Leave reviews and ratings if applicable.
  • Play demo: Available here
  • Financial support: Direct contributions & merchandise
  • Promotion: Social media, reviews, and word-of-mouth

By participating in any of the above ways, supporters can play a pivotal role in bringing Underhero from a budding project into a fully-fledged gaming experience.

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