A closer look at Red Dead Redemption 2’s Wildlife, Nature, Horses, Hunting and Fishing

Red Dead Redemption 2 is almost upon is. To celebrate, Rockstar is ramping up their coverage. Today’s news relates to the wildlife and ecosystem, and one thing is certain: it has the Rockstar North polish. Over two hundred species of wildlife inhabit the world including birds, mammals and fish. Of course one is more important than the rest, the king of the plains, the real stars of every Western and man’s true best friend:


RDR2 features nineteen different breed of horses which all act in their own way with personal characteristics. There’s numerous ways to acquire these majestic creatures, including ‘underhand’ ways. Gambling and theft no doubt, every Cowboy’s favorite past times. You’ll be able to buy them and break them in the wild as well. You’ll be expected to groom it and ensure it never goes hungry, this in turn will increase your bond. Your horse is essentially a main character. There is a ton of customisation available as well which enables you to really connect with your majestic companion.

Hunting and Fishing

As any Bear Grylls wannabe will tell you, hunting and fishing are vital to survival. Even Baloo the Bear will be able to tell you that, these are the bare necessities of life after all. RDR2 embraces this. Not only will these skills be necessary to survive, they’ll provide you with extra sources of income. Good job there’s plenty of variety for you to track, catch or lure. When it comes to hunting, shot placement and method of killing will affect the quality of the meat and pelt. Added details comes in the aftermath of the hunt. You can butcher an animal or take it with you whole. You can load an entire carcass onto your horse and take it with you elsewhere. You could take it to a butcher to sell, to a pot for food or back to camp as a quick, safe place to skin. If you wait too long though, scavengers will make their move. Your choice of equipment is important for both hunting and fishing. The wrong size of bullet could tear an animal apart, whereas a quiet, misplaced arrow might not do enough damage. The wrong bait won’t attract any fish and will leave you cutting a lonely, hungry figure alongside a lake.

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Rockstar has created an incredibly complex, living, breathing, fully realised ecosystem for RDR2. The food chain is in full flow and will unravel before your eyes. Whether it’s the roaming wolf packs stalking and closing in on prey, grizzly bears exerting their dominance in their territory, birds of prey await both rodents and opportunities to scavenge, geese soar in formation, possums literally play possum, salmon will elegantly leap upstream and the large herd animals such as pronghorns, bison and deer will roam in their groups. You’ll find your place, be it predator or prey.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launches October 26th 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One!

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