A New Predator Is Coming To Wildlands 

Confirmed by Ubisoft on their official Twitter feed, to celebrate this year being 30 years since the original Predator, a new Predator mode will be available as a free DLC in a special event from 14th December through to early January. In the Predator mode you will be able to team up (or solo) and hunt the Predator in co-op with up to 4 players and be hunted in return. But Ubisoft have said that this won’t be easy and those who do achieve it will be awarded with exclusive items such as the Predator helmet with Predator vision. There will also be special Predator themed packs available including 15 new customisation items.

PvP most Ghost War is also getting in order act with a new class of soldier inspired by Dutch from the original Predator, the soldier class will have a special rage mode giving you the upper hand on the opponents.

Predator DLC is out now, see you out in the Wildlands.

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