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A Way Out …A Way To Do It Together

Being a big fan of the couch co-op genre I am super pumped about this game. A Way Out is a co-op only action adventure game from EA which see you play as the violent Leo or the calm and collected Vincent, you must work together to escape prison and go on the run.

With the cinematic gameplay this game looks awesome, EA have announced a release date of 23rd March 2018 and to help along with the play with friends theme those who have the full game will be able to gift the full game to a friend in the form of a free trial.

I personally can’t wait for the release of this game I’m also hoping it doesn’t come with the “lootcrate” drama that recently shadowed the Battlefront 2 launch but that is a while different conversation.

A Way Out is available 23rd March 2018 and is available for all platforms.

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