Achievement Unlocked: Successfully revealed Xbox Merchandise range – Numskull Designs

Transitioning ideas into practice is a tough concept. You think of something and, in your head, it’s incredible, a marvel that’ll redefine the course of human history. Then you do it and, well… sometimes you fall flat on your face. Sometimes it works and it’s pretty underwhelming, sometimes it’s an absolute masterstroke that’ll forever change the world. What am I rambling on about? The article’s headline, it really doesn’t work as well as I hoped.

However, the new Numskull Design’s Xbox Merchandise range has definitely lived up to expectations.

This is the first time Numskull Designs have collaborated with Xbox and they’ve produced a very interesting line of varied products. With E3 en route and Xbox promising their biggest conference ever, it’s about the perfect time to showcase your love of the brand and support one of the biggest gaming platforms with this line up of products. From clothing to keyrings to good old fashioned coasters to protect your furniture from rings caused by the coffee, you’ll be drinking to stay awake for the early morning E3 conference, there’s something for everyone here. All of the products will be available worldwide, meaning international Xbox fans won’t be left out!

This Achievement Unlocked Keyring is amazing and will give you a sense of pride whenever you find your keys…


Fancy showing off your love for the best first party controller?

XBOX-Controller-Keyring-1-NSKeep your feet warm while you sail the high Seas or chatting up Cortana…

Tea? Coffee? Red Bull in a mug? Anything goes really…

Next gen is coming… You’ll need to start saving soon, this will help!


Keep your head warm or look good while you stream Crackdown 3 on Mixer…

There’s a lot here to satisfy the hardcore Xbox fans out there, but where can you get it? Right here!


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