Perils of Baking Platinum by Adam!

Adam’s Easy Platinum Trophy of the Week: Perils of Baking

Perils of the Baking Platinum! Who doesn’t love trophies? If you said no one then you’d be correct. Playstation players understand how brilliant it is when you unlock hard-earned platinum. Whether you get it from grinding for 100 hours to unlock a rare weapon or from tapping a jar of mayo for 20 minutes, the feeling of accomplishment is great. Some platinum trophies are very different though. The Kingdom Hearts platinum is a far greater accomplishment than the My Name is Mayo platinum. Despite this, they count for the same when the statistics match up. People love collecting Platinum trophies and this new weekly feature is going to help them do it.

The premise is simple enough. Every week we’ll choose one game with a platinum trophy that is two things: Fun and Easy to obtain. Easy doesn’t necessarily mean quick, although we will try and stay with from hundred hour RPGs with difficulty levels and grinding. This will be based on a ton of factors. It could be a free game on PS Plus that everyone has access to. It could be a new release or a game that just went on sale so there’s a topic of conversation around it. It could be an older game that has became topical through a new update or DLC. Or just a brilliant game that deserves a shout out. We might even take community requests. We’re starting with Lillymo Games’ Perils of Baking. 

Perils of Baking

Genre: Platformer

Price: $9.99

Region: US

Developer: Lillymo Games – One man by the name of Barry Johnson!

Difficulty: Easy, no difficulty levels or grinding to be seen

Time: A few hours with the use of a guide, around 10 hours without one

Trophy List:


We’ll have a review coming for Perils of Baking soon. For now, we’ll look at the trophy list and what’s required of us hunters to his 100%. The game must be played to completion, this means beating all 40 main levels and 4 secret levels. This won’t take long at all, levels won’t take longer than 15 minutes. Even less without dying. Through doing this you’ll get the trophy for collecting 10,000 food. This is totally natural, I had 18,000 when I hit 100%. Aside from this, you’ll have to find 13 bonus levels throughout the game. Here’s some gameplay straight from the dev:

The reason Perils of Baking is such a fun platinum to get is because it respects your time. It tracks your statistics very well, you can see all of your progress at the overworld pause menu. This tells you how much food you’ve consumed, how many bonus levels you’ve found and more. It means you always know where you stand and don’t have to worry about manually keeping tabs. It also not only tells you which levels have bonus sections, but a green tick will appear on the entrance to levels that you’ve found the bonus in. Again this is excellent as you’ll always know where you’ve been and where you’ve still to go as levels with an undiscovered bonus are marked with a question mark.

So we’ve established that it’s a user friendly, easy platinum to achieve. But what about fun? Well, luckily there’s a tidy little 2D platformer here. This won’t set the genre alight or stand up to heavyweights like Mario or Donkey Kong but it does offer an amuse-bouche (sorry) for the genre. The game is never overly complicated and doesn’t outstay its welcome. This results in it never becoming grindy or repetitive. The game embraces what a fun platinum should be: Short, simple, fun and playable. This isn’t some cash in like Slyde or Mayo, this is a real game that understands the Playstation 4 and the trophy hunting community. Kudos to Barry and Lillymo Games and I can’t wait to see the follow up!

Buy it here.

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