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Aliens: Colonial Marines AI Problems Were Caused by a Simple Spelling Mistake
A small but dramatic difference

Aliens: Colonial Marines came to us way back in 2013 and it wasn’t the best ever game based on the epic Aliens universe. There were many flaws in the game, one major issue being the AI, which seemed to be sluggish and moved in random ways. Well, over the years modders have come across the problem which is quite a simple mistake made by developers.

They have come across the wording “AttachPawnToTeather” in the code which determines the AI movements, this left the AI looking lost and struggling to find the ways to move, the correct spelling of the word and what would have fixed the problem should have been “AttachPawnToTether”. A small but dramatic difference.

This small difference could have played in part to the dramatic flop of a multi-million pound franchise.

Players of the PC version of the game can obtain a mod that can correct the issue, this can be found on the fan forum, look for TemplarGFX ACM Overhaul. Unfortunately, those of us that got hold of a copy for consoles will just have to deal with the issue. Whether or not there will be a reboot or sequel to save the franchise remains unknown, we will see.

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