An In Depth Look Into Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2017

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As of October 10, 2017, a limited time event in popular first person shooter video game, Overwatch has been released, and will be running until November 1, 2017. The main highlights of such a hyped event as this was are the return of popular seasonal game mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge, additional cosmetic items that will only be available during this event, and many Halloween map redesigns.

Junkenstein’s Revenge is a fan favorite of many Overwatch players, and has made it’s grand return for the 2017 version of Halloween Terror. Small balance changes have been made, but it is still the same core concept. At first, you and three other teammates have to destroy harmless robots before they combust on the door to the city. After a while, robots come that inflict damage onto your character, Soldier 76, McCree, Hanzo, or Ana. About halfway through, bosses start making their appearance into the fight, ramping up in difficulty until the pinnacle of it all, when Mercy, also known as “The Witch” for this Halloween event, resurrects all the bosses for a final showdown between good and evil. This mode is easily a fan favorite, which grabs player who usually would not play to participate in this limited time event. This year, the introduction of the sub game mode,  Junkenstein’s Endless adds more flavor, as you get a wider variety of heroes, which can involve more strategies. Endless really lives up to it’s name, as it virtually goes on forever, wave after wave, leading to some hours long rounds, but it only takes so many rounds to count as a victory for your team.

Cosmetic items are a very big part of any Overwatch event, as they are the primary reason to keep on playing for most. People love to show off their limited edition skins for Zenyatta, or maybe they are real proud of a rare voice line that they found. The only way to obtain these items is through the opening of loot boxes, which can be collected through leveling up in game, or paying with real world money. While I personally am not the biggest fan of cosmetics, others love the grind and the fun chances.

Many popular maps have gotten Halloween redesigns, such as Hollywood, and the brawl version of Eichenwalde, and these look absolutely stunning, and are much fun to play on. The maps have had dynamic light changes and many added props, making me hope that all maps will soon have light and weather changes in the future, not tied to a seasonal event.

Overall, the Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2017 event is a home run, with the return of a popular game mode, some new cosmetic skins, and redesigns of fan favorite maps. If you are usually not a big fan of Overwatch or first person shooter games overall, this is still a good event to check out.