Animal Crossing Switch Leak?

As I scoured the internet, absentmindedly and innocently, I stumbled across something interesting on Twitter. Photos seemed to surface regarding a supposed Animal Crossing on Switch leaked images. I will show then down below.

So what do you all think? Is Animal Crossing coming to the Nintendo Switch? I think it is, eventually, I’m just uncertain if it’s this year or if these images are real or not. That’s the problem with the power of the internet, take everything with a grain of salt and be cautious in all things.

The last mainline home console Animal Crossing to release was ten years ago on the Nintendo Wii. This would make it the perfect time to have a new entry, especially with the huge amount of hype and intrigue from the mobile version. Though that release quickly lost steam, the intrigue for a Switch release is higher than it ever has been. 3DS owners have lucked out with the exceptionally reviewed Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The Loot Gaming will keep you updated once more has been revealed or leaked surrounding the images and series.

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