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Anthem Pre-order Guide

2019 is starting with a bang. Before we even get a chance to catch our breaths and enjoy all of 2018’s marquee titles, there are several more massive titles exploding onto our consoles. One of those is EA and Bioware’s Anthem. Here we’ll detail all of the different versions currently available for pre-order. 

Anthem launches on PS4, PC and Xbox One February 22nd 2019!

Anthem Standard Edition

If you go for the standard edition via UK specialist retailer GAME, you’ll get a free steelbook as well as the Edge of Resolve Javelin skin. No matter where you pre-order, you’ll get the Legion of Dawn Legendary Ranger Armour pack and weapon, VIP access to pre-launch demos and a Founders Player Banner.

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Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition

As well as the standard pre-order bonus, you’ll get the Legion of Dawn Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor Armor Packs as well as a  Legendary Weapon. You’ll also receive the Ranger Javelin Exosuit Legendary Gear Attachment: A Legendary piece of gear to enhance the combat abilities for your Ranger Javelin. Finally, you’ll get the Anthem Digital Soundtrack. 

With Anthem releasing very soon, The Loot Gaming should have plenty of content on the way!

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