Apex Legends developer call players ‘d*cks’ on Reddit

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Sometimes you have to measure what you say on the Internet. More so if you are an Apex Legends developer and you tell fans they are “d*cks”.

You definitely want to head to Reddit user dko5 right now and have a read through his posts. He is a Respawn employee who works as an Apex Legends developer and alongside Community Manager Jayfresh_Respawn they have torn into players unhappy with the current aggressive mictrotransactions present in the most recent event.

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In the screenshots above you can clearly see the developer referring to gamers as ‘dicks‘ more than once. Another post called them ‘ass-hats‘ as well as ‘freeloaders‘. Following these and the fair and obvious backlash in the Apex Legends subreddit, the Community Manager decided to weigh in and start passive aggressively replying to commenters. The entire situation is incredibly bizarre and indicative of the current controversy surrounding the Iron Crown event.

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Since it was revealed that there are hundreds of pounds of microtransactions necessary to gather cosmetics from loot boxes in this event, the fan base has voiced concerns with the direction of the free to play FPS. They are right to do so, this is people who have invested money a lot of time and money in a game that costs absolutely nothing to start up. The response to fan concerns is not only incredibly unprofessional but incredibly immature.

Two years ago we covered the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy that EA responded to by rightfully pulling the loot boxes from the game. Two years later, despite government intervention and constant fan outrage, it seems that the Apex Publisher hasn’t learned any lessons and has in fact regressed into methods that we hoped they would move away from.

It’s disappointing and worrying and really brings a cloud over Apex Legends, which, by all accounts, is a fantastic first person shooter battle royale and does a lot right. Just like Respawn’s last AAA FPS, the immense Titanfall 2. To betray the fan base’s trust with the loot boxes is one thing, to outrightly mock their disappointment is a step too far. What do you think? Is the developer out of order? Standing up for themselves? Let us know in the comments section below!


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