Assassin’s Creed: Origins Enhanced May Feature 1080p/60FPS

One of the most anticipated titles of the Holiday season may be about to offer players more options thanks to the power of the Xbox One X.

The effect of an Xbox One X Enhancement has already been chronicled regarding Rise of The Tomb Raider and the fact that it allows gamers the option to choose the type of graphical or performance upgrade they’d like to experience. Now another major title that is receiving the Enhanced treatment could be looking to give similar options.

It was officially announced at E3 2017 that Assassin’s Creed: Origins would be running at 4k resolution and 30fps(an explanation of the various terms applied to these enhancements can be found here) on One X and the game looked gorgeous. With the biggest game world in the franchise, incredible visuals, and a reworked combat and progression system, it promises to be a must-have game.


But many gamers have taken a liking to the idea of lower resolution(full HD with high-end graphics still looks amazing) but with higher Frames Per Second. Higher FPS leads to a much smoother and clearer image, especially when in motion, and eliminates the “motion blur” one may see at lower FPS. For some the benefits of this for gameplay is more valuable than higher fidelity images.

A YouTuber that goes by the name “DEE BATCH” claims in a video from Fan Expo Canada that Ubisoft developers have confirmed multiple graphics settings for the Enhanced version that would include playing in either 4k/30fps or 1080p/60fps. This would follow the footsteps of Rise of The Tomb Raider(which offers three settings), and ARK: Survival Evolved Lead Designer, Jeremy Stieglitz, who has said on Twitter they may offer similar options. Higher frame rates are very resource intensive and with massive open worlds with the visuals we’ve seen, it would be understandably difficult to reach that level of performance. However, it may be doable if the resolution output was lowered and resources were freed.

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These are very pro-gamer decisions if they all turn out to be true and may be setting a trend for games enhanced for Xbox One X to offer graphics settings options. The power of the console should provide plenty of flexibility for developers to continue to do so if their game is not going to be able to reach the optimal 4k/60fps.

Hopefully some official news comes soon.

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