Author: Daniel Rosales

Bannermen Review

Bannermen is a real-time strategy game that lets you test your abilities as a battle commander in a medieval fantasy setting.

Apparition Review

Finding evidence of paranormal activity, on some creepy woods at night might be too much for some people. Now, If you’re a fan of horror games and creepy stuff in general, you definitely should try out Apparition. ...[Read More]

Frozen Synapse 2 Review

Frozen Synapse 2 is a turn-based tactical shooter. Lead teams of armed soldiers to fulfill your missions. The gameplay of Frozen Synapse 2 is quite unique, all turns happen at the same time. This makes the game quite cha...[Read More]

Mindball Play Review

Mindball Play is a psychedelic racing game with impressive tracks. What separates Mindball from regular racing games is your ride. You’ll race with a ball… A physics game where you’ll have to adapt your...[Read More]

Wayward Preview and Survival Guide

I’ve been looking for an immersive sandbox adventure for a while. My search took me to Wayward, a top-down survival sandbox with procedurally generated pixel words. With an extensively complex crafting system, hars...[Read More]

Beard & Axe Preview

Beard & Axe is a retro-styled adventure that will take you on a quest to become the next Dwarf King. You’ll have to slash and shoot your way through oaths, drinking beer to regain strength. The game is still in...[Read More]

In Development – May Roundup

In Development is back with another Roundup of five awesome games still in development stage. This month we’ve been thinking a lot about graphic styles (we’re redefining DNX Gaming’s visual branding) so...[Read More]

In Development – Ludum Dare 41 Roundup

This month we have a special edition of In Development. We’re going to take a look to five of the best entries to Ludum Dare 41! This means that the demos of this roundup will be a bit rawer than previous editions....[Read More]

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