Author: Adam Llewellyn

8 Great

Falcon Age Review

Outerloop Games first entry makes a strong start into the VR World. You can't miss this action-adventure game.

Xbox One rejuvenated this generation

Phil Spencer has rejuvenated Xbox One this generation, where’s his credit? It has been a pretty rocky generation for Xbox to say the least. Ever since that absolutely brutal reveal -yes, I’m talking about the...[Read More]

8.2 Great

Ghost Giant Review

The developers behind the beautiful Fe and the zany Flipping Death are presenting PS4 owners with this haunting adventure game: Ghost Giant.

Crash Team Racing New Merchandise

Numskull Designs leaves my wallet spinning with new Crash Team Racing Merchandise I used to love Crash Team Racing. It was the definitive kart racer of my youth and I’m still convinced I could beat all comers in a ...[Read More]

9.5 Amazing

Bionik Giganet Adapter Review

I absolutely love my Nintendo Switch. It’s just a brilliant all round console. One thing in particular that I love? The games, especially the online multiplayer. With Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Ka...[Read More]

7.5 Good

Outward Review

Video games are the easiest they’ve ever been. That’s not a knock or a dig, it’s a brilliant thing. They’re fantastically accessible, anyone can even pick up a mobile phone and have a brilliant ga...[Read More]

9.8 Amazing

Bionik Power Plate Nintendo Switch Review

Accessories have always been hugely important when it comes to gaming. The Nintendo Switch is an accessory maker’s dream. With the moving parts such as the dock and joy-cons, there is plenty of scope for invention ...[Read More]

7.8 Good

EDF: Iron Rain Review

Earth Defense Force is a strange beast (bug). On one hand, there is a literal buggy mess and on the other, there is an absolutely, wonderfully fun and over the top third-person shooter. I won’t beat around the bush...[Read More]