Author: Adam Llewellyn

World Of Warcraft: Classic is coming and StarCraft 2 will be free to play

Wow: Classic For a while World Of Warcraft players have been asking for a server that allows them to go back in time. To a time before Draenor, before the cataclysm, and before the burning crusades back to the time of va...[Read More]

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth is coming

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth At Blizzcon the newest expansion for World Of Warcraft was announced and it’s looking pretty good. In this newest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, the horde and alliance are finally goi...[Read More]

Blizzcon: Overwatch details

Blizzcon Overwatch At last there is a new hero and her name is Moira, she is a talon support character which Jeff Kaplan spelling her name as OPAF. She is definitely a character that most players in the Overwatch communi...[Read More]

Why I’m Waiting For The Next Xbox To Upgrade (Opinion)

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Xbox fan, in fact to the exclusion of most other platforms. But I wanted to explain why I am not purchasing an Xbox One X, and there may be others who feel the same. The Xbox On...[Read More]

Steam Halloween sale is finally here

Steam Halloween Sale Ladies and gentlemen of the PC community the 1st of 3 seasonal Steam sales is here and it is scary, and not just for your wallets. This being the Halloween sale it focuses on the horror genre with pl...[Read More]

Slime Rancher Review

Simplicity at its finest Slime rancher is a 1st person farming simulator developed and published by Monomi park and the best way to describe Smile Rancher would be simplicity at its finest. Slime Rancher as a game doesn’...[Read More]

A Hat In Time Review

Intro My relationship with 3D platformers has always been a strained one. The first one I had any experience with was Super Mario 64, and I never really had a taste for the style. In fact, to this day I have yet to prope...[Read More]

Middle-Earth Shadow Of War Review

  Intro Shadow of War is the sequel to the amazing game Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, which was inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. You play as Talion the Ranger, and the elf lord Cel...[Read More]