Author: Max Power

Detroit: Become Human Review

Throughout history, there have been many groups of humans who lay claim to being the master of another individual or group of people. We can see it through slavery over the centuries, individuals who are treated poorly a...[Read More]

6.8 Okay

Sea Of Thieves Review

Sea Of Thieves is perhaps the most difficult game I’ve tried to review throughout my 30+ gaming years. From its many highs to its many lows, this is one game that is sure to be controversial. Sea Of Thieves is finally ou...[Read More]

Battle Royale – The Fear For 2018

Today is all about Battle Royale games & Battle Royale game modes. This will be a discussion of importance for 2018. 2017 was about the loot boxes & micro transactions and I believe 2018 will be about publishers ...[Read More]

Remakes & Remasters

Do gamers want remakes and remasters or would we prefer all new experience instead?

Bungie Paywalls Destiny 2 Forums

Bungie. Bungie. Bungie. It seems like its always 1 step forward and 2 steps back, especially with your disappointing sequel Destiny 2. Firstly news broke this week that the competitive end game mode of Trials of the Nine...[Read More]

Xbox One X Review

Should you buy an Xbox One X? In this Xbox One X Review I take a look at the highly powerful console three months after release.

The Last Of Us Review

Join me as I review perhaps Sony's flagship title for Playstation - The Last Of Us. Can Naughty Dog replicate the success they have had with the Uncharted series? Lets delve in

The Changing Face of Ubisoft

Ubisoft seems to have changed recently. A company that are supporting their games much better and taking time off to make long standing series something special. Let's take a look at Ubisoft

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