Author: Max Power

Rare Set Sail Again; from Nintendo to Sea of Thieves

In this video I give a brief history of Rare and how they've gone from the creators of Goldeneye OO7 to the soon to be released Sea Of Thieves. Lets dive in and take a look!

Crackdown 3 Hype to Doubt

I discuss the hype surrounding Crackdown 3 and how it has also put doubt in many peoples minds. We haven't seen much of the hyped cloud computing multiplayer since 2015. Should gamers be concerned?

Monster Hunter World Impressions

I take a look at Monster Hunter World and give my early impressions of the game as a first time player. The developers have done a great job so far.

Destiny 2 Development Roadmap

Today Bungie came out with a development roadmap of features, events and items that players will see over the coming weeks and months up until mid year. It is no secret that Destiny 2 has struggled since launch with more...[Read More]

PUBG Xbox Update 7

PUBG on Xbox keeps getting regular updates to improve on its game preview release late last year. Here is a rundown of the what has been changed in Update 7: First we have the improvement to input lag which is always a g...[Read More]

Sea Of Thieves Impressions

Lets set sail and dive in to Sea Of Thieves! Pull up the anchor, launch is approaching

Bungie The Fallen

Cast your minds back to the year 2004. A special year for Xbox fans. After having released classic games such as the original Halo, Myth and Marathon, 2004 was a year in gaming that sticks out for me. Bungie would releas...[Read More]

Bungie Goes Back to School – The State of Destiny 2

Everyone and their dog has an opinion on the Destiny franchise. For every person who loves the grind for loot, there are those who find the games both shallow and uninteresting. The first game was released to a torrentia...[Read More]