Author: redandbluedave

Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Review

Planescape Torment is the latest RPG mobile title from developers Beamdog, bringing modern features to an old school model. Planescape takes you deep into the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse to the dark city of Sigil whe...[Read More]

This Week’s Mega Deals with Gold including Spotlight Deals

Yes it’s Tuesday once again and that means only one thing… IT’S DEALS WITH GOLD DAY. And this week there is a mega list including some big heavyweights. Get yourself ready and check out the Xbox One lis...[Read More]

Aces Of The Luftwaffe: Squadron Review

The fight for Europe is done, and a commando group is formed going by the name Aces Of Luftwaffe. Their mission is striking back and invading the USA. It is your squadron’s job to fight back and protect Lady Libert...[Read More]

Tennis World Tour Devs Issue An Apology

Today, Big Ben Interactive, the developers behind Tennis World Tour have issued an apology to gamers that have purchased a copy of Tennis World Tour over on the official game Twitter @tennisthegame. Since release, the ga...[Read More]

New Forza Horizon 4 Trailer Shows us More New Features

Released today by Playground Games is the latest trailer of Forza Horizon 4 showcasing more new features to the game. We have already seen trailers showing us the breathtaking British settings of Forza Horizon 4 and now ...[Read More]

Open World Survival Game ‘Scum’ Gets Release Date

Today is finally the day we’ve been waiting for, the day that has been teased by Gamepires for a while over on Twitter, today we finally have the release date for Scum. Scum will be released on PC on August 29th wh...[Read More]

Nidhogg 2 Review

Here we have Nidhogg 2, the sequel to the equally bonkers pixelated fighter Nidhogg, indie hit from 2014. The object of the game for those that are unaware is to get to the other side of the map, although this is not as ...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals With Gold including a Spotlight Sale on Bethesda Titles

Another Tuesday rolls around bringing along another Deals with Gold with it, and boy what a list we have this week! As usual, there’s something for everyone, from Fallout to WRC Rally titles and pretty much everyth...[Read More]