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Is Sony A “We 4” Kind Of Company?

Well, it was only a matter of time. Over the past little while, Fortnite has been providing support for cross play and progression on devices such as PS4, mobile, PC and, in the same manner, for Xbox. [Read more here] Al...[Read More]

Insight Into PUBG Corp, Sold 1 Million In 2 Days, The Answer To Exclusivity

PUBG has been a phenomenon in the gaming industry, taking it by storm from its release in early access on steam. The Battle Royale king has taken a stranglehold in the online multiplayer community, providing an endless a...[Read More]

First Patch For PUBG on Xbox Goes Live Tonight 

After almost a full week, the first patch for PUBG is going to go Live tonight at 1amPST/10amCET/6pmKST December 19th The patch contains some minor overall fixes and tweaks, including “First Pass visual and perform...[Read More]

The Facts About PUBG

Earlier this year, Xbox fans got some great news! PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds is coming to the Xbox One platform! A lot of controversy has been going around the internet since this announcement and as more and more info...[Read More]

Taking A Look At The Console War

For many, many years the console wars have been raging on between platform owners. It is an epitome of first world problems, where adults bicker and argue like schoolyard children. It seems people who participate really ...[Read More]

Xbox Game Clip & Screenshot Share Feature Is Being Re-Looked At

The Xbox Game Clip and ScreenShot share feature has always been not so user friendly. Users have always had to jump through a couple loops to be able to post their awesome game stomping clips or beautiful in game imagery...[Read More]

Community Spotlight: Geordie Tommy aka. Xbox Pope

  This 1st Community Spotlight goes to someone who I feel deserves it among all others. He is an extremely passionate, kind fellow who supports the gaming community in a huge fashion. He never takes any kind of mone...[Read More]

4K HDR Compatible Apps Are Being Worked On For Xbox

Today Phil Spencer was active today on Twitter, answering some questions people were asking him. I came across a certain couple of tweets about a subject that a lot of people have been wondering for awhile. Are there 4k ...[Read More]

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