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Insight Into PUBG Corp, Sold 1 Million In 2 Days, The Answer To Exclusivity

PUBG has been a phenomenon in the gaming industry, taking it by storm from its release in early access on steam. The Battle Royale king has taken a stranglehold in the online multiplayer community, providing an endless amount of chaos, ambushes and absolute insanity (in a good way!). Recently, the crew over at took […]

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First Patch For PUBG on Xbox Goes Live Tonight 

After almost a full week, the first patch for PUBG is going to go Live tonight at 1amPST/10amCET/6pmKST December 19th The patch contains some minor overall fixes and tweaks, including “First Pass visual and performance improvements” Some of these fixes also include Tweaked character hair colours, equipment icons on HUD will now be visible, Keyboard […]

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NPD #’s: Nintendo Switch takes the month of Oct, Ps4 Year to Date

The numbers have been released! Mat Piscatella posted a thread stating some eye-opening numbers about the Video Game industry. SW sales across all platforms are down by %20 in the month of October compared to a year ago. Middle Earth: Shadow of War was Octobers best selling game, taking the top spot on both Xbox […]

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Exclusive Terminology

Definition of Exclusive 1a :excluding or having power to exclude b :  limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group 2a :  excluding others from participationb :  snobbishly aloof 3a :  accepting or soliciting only a socially restricted patronage (as of the upper class)b :stylish, fashionablec :  restricted in distribution, use, or appeal because of expense 4a :single, soleexclusive jurisdictionb :whole, undividedhis exclusive attention Merriam Webster Definition […]

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Review: Slayaway Camp

Reviewed+Played on Xbox One S, Available on Xbox/PlayStation 4/iOS/Android/Steam Welcome.. to the world of Slayaway camp! You rock a character named Skullface! Objective? Get rid of those meddling teenagers like the Scooby gang! Always getting into your business.. but never going away! Decapitate, eviscerate, dis-embowel, bludgeon, drown your way to glory!! Just leave the cute […]