Auto Age: Standoff From Phantom Compass out now

Action Car Combat and Retro Cartoon Graphics available now on Steam 


Drive full-throttle into ruthless car combat soaked in ’80s cartoon style this September, with action game Auto Age: Standoff from independent video game developer Phantom Compass. Already available on PC via Steam (launched on September 21) for $19.99, Auto Age: Standoff pits players against each other in online and local multiplayer battles for vehicular supremacy. Developer Phantom Compass will roll out game updates and new content after launch in order to continue supporting the game’s multiplayer experience.


Set in the colorful wastelands of New America, Auto Age: Standoff allows players to customize vehicles with powerful weaponry that will enable them to launch missiles at enemy drivers, ram cars, lay mines and much more. Fueling the chaos is a retro-future dashboard mixtape and soundtrack, where guitar-shredding and synthwave music power a thirst for vehicular destruction.


Auto Age is an ideal multiplayer experience that melds fast-paced vehicular dogfights with team strategy,” said Tony Walsh, Director at Phantom Compass. “With easy-to-learn controls and kinetic matches, players can spend hours destroying their friends (and enemies) online and on the couch. To enhance the experience, we will use player feedback to update Auto Age with new content and gameplay after release.”


Players can ride headlong into the mayhem of multiplayer online combat or battle bots as a lone road warrior. With Auto Age: Standoff‘s versatile split-screen options, players can skirmish privately or battle online in Team Deathmatch, Free For All Deathmatch, Base Assault and more to come.

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