Awkward Review

Reviewed on PlayStation 4; Also available on Xbox one, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Awkward claims to have the ability to ruin friendships with it’s fiendish questions. Can it? Let’s find out.


Awkward is a grown ups only party game. The premise is simple, answer a series of questions about yourselves, truthfully. The hard part is your opponents must guess what you would choose, testing how well you know each other. With only 2 options to choose from, it’s a little limited, but the two answers are always the opposite ends of the spectrum. The more questions you match up, the higher capability you get. Simple. Upon choosing your answers you also get to see how they match up with the rest of the World which is pretty cool!

It is called Awkward for a reason, though most questions are very tame, the odd one or two can cause some heated debate. All good fun though! I played with my partner a few times and it really tests how well we know each other. It even had us shouting ‘YOU SHOULDV’E KNOWN THAT’ at some points and questioning each other when a question about not liking my partners family came up. Awkward.

What I really like about this game is that it is tailored to suit you. Before starting a game you are asked to enter each players name, asked how you know each other (friends, romantic or relatives) and asked your sexual preference. So, you will only get questions relevant to yourself and with over 5000 questions, you won’t get bored for a long while.

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Game Modes

There are different game modes depending on the amount of players you have. You can play with up to 6 players and can even play solo! In my opinion solo is the most difficult as you aren’t just trying to answer what someone you know would, you are trying to guess what other people who have played the game would guess. The answer with the highest percentage wins.

If you have 2 players you can play co-op mode, which is where you play together as a duo to see how well you both know each other and who knows who the best. 3 – 6 players can play match-up. The same premise as the other modes however you are randomly matched up each question and finally 4 – 6 players can play team play. Pretty self explanatory but this is where you are split into two teams and you have to see which team knows each other best.

There is one more game mode which is very cool for streamers. Live show is where your broadcast your gameplay and your viewers have to answer the questions to see who knows you best. Very cool.


Graphics & Sound

Awkward is not a game where you will be focusing on either graphics or the sound, therefore both are very basic. This isn’t a bad thing, the point of the game is to be sat with your friends/family and to be answering questions having fun and/or having a healthy debate about whatever question you have just answered.

The style that has been used is like a board game or card game which suits it really well. Anything more than this would just deter away from the fact that you are concentrating more on the people you are playing with rather than the game itself. Just like you would if you were all sat around a table playing a board game.

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Awkward is the most amusing party game I’ve played in a while. Most party games are fun for a while but get old really fast. This one was different. Though it is not much fun alone, playing with a group of people was hilarious for one, but also interesting and exciting when you get a question that leads you to finding out something you did not yet know about a specific person. It’s even better when it leads to some friendly disputes. The only thing I would ask is that the questions could be a little more risky. Most questions I came across were pretty tame and for a ‘grown up only’ game I expected a little more.

If you’re looking for a game to pass the time while you have friends over for a night, Awkward is the game for you. If you are the kind of person that doesn’t have friends over very often, maybe give this a miss.





Game Modes







  • Can play with 1-6 players
  • Over 5000 questions
  • A lot of fun with a group of people
  • Questions are tailored to suit the player

Not Cool

  • A lot of the questions are tame

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