Bannermen Review

Bannermen is a real-time strategy game in which you’ll build, manage, and command your army. The gathering of resources is basic compared to similar titles, focusing on combat and heroes. You can play against bots or other players with different game modes.



Price: $29.99
Size: 20GB
Genre: Real-time strategy.
Developed by: Pathos Interactive
Reviewed on PC.
Download link: Steam.



Bannermen is set in a fantasy realm, where a diabolic knight conquers the city of the main hero and disperses his army. Our hero manages to escape and starts his campaign to reclaim his homeland.

The campaign mode has many different scenarios. Some will be standard skirmishes, on others you’ll have to lead the heroes to perform specific tasks, like freeing prisoners or participating in a tournament.




Resource gathering is quite simple, you’ll just need to get wood and gold. Workers will go to set gathering points to get them. You can’t build a base anywhere, just in the defined spots near the gathering points. This makes the game more predictable, but it also makes it more competitive. You’ll need to hold bases closest to your enemies, especially once the resources of your initial base start to run out.

Each of the three available heroes has four special skills which makes them more dangerous, they will also become stronger as they level up. If they die in battle you’ll need to pay to revive them, but they’ll keep their experience. You can also use special powers granted by temples build special places on the map.

In my opinion, adding marching formations could improve the game a lot. Right now, your soldiers will walk in a line and will go at their full speed, which means they will leave behind slower units like siege equipment. This makes moving your troops a pain, especially since once you give a command to move they’ll keep going even under attack.

There are many different kinds of units. Regular footmen are cheap and fast, great against archers. Jesters are tricky and great at killing workers. Archers are the basic ranged unit, perfect for chipping away knights. Spearmen have a shorter range but are more robust. Scouting hounds, well… they scout. Convicts are unlucky, they carry explosives and blow themselves up. Knights can be expensive, but they are a great defense for your ranged units. Clerics have strong active skills. Finally, catapults to take down buildings.


Graphics and Sound


Bannermen image

Bannermen has great graphics compared to most games of its genre. Everything from the maps, buildings, characters, and special skills are 3D modeled with a great amount of detail. The presentations use 2D hand-drawn artwork that works very well with the medieval fantasy theme of the game.


The soundtrack of the game is relaxing with a strong medieval feel. It works well to help you be patient while you build up your army. Units have voiceovers to acknowledge your commands which makes the matches more dynamic.




Bannermen is a real-time strategy game with great graphics and simplified gameplay. You need to worry less about resources and more about claiming and holding vital spots on the scenarios, such as gathering centers and temples. You can call on heroes with great might and powers like tornados and lightning to help you on your way.




Fun Factor






Production Value



  • Great Graphics
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Cool voiceovers

Not Cool

  • No marching formations
  • Limited upgrades

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