Bayonetta 3 & Other Possible 2018 Leaked Releases?

The Bayonetta series feels almost like a Nintendo first party franchise since it was brought over in 2014 to Wii U, with the second entry bring an exclusive to the console. At the 2017 Game Awards, Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aimé announced both entries would be ported to the Switch and a third title in the series was announced with a teaser trailer. 

Recently Reddit user: _darth_solo, revealed that Bayonetta 3 would be releasing in the summer of 2018. His or her claim comes from a supposed source that had revealed it to them. The thing with the rise of the internet and rumors, it’s hard to know who is telling the truth and who is lying. Interestingly, a moderator for the Reddit site claims this poster has credible information. Normally, I would say to take this with a grain of salt especially with a game that was just announced but the plot thickens.

On the Norwegian Nintendo site they posted something interesting which, when translated, seems to leak that 2018 will in fact have Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, and Kirby: Star Allies released. Even more interestingly, they seem to have caught on and have since changed their statement. We’ve seen very little of any of these games and I was expecting them to release in 2019.
Anyways, what do you think? Will any of these games see a 2018 release? What about Bayonetta 3? 

Stay tuned for further updates. 

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