Bionik Giganet Adapter Review

I absolutely love my Nintendo Switch. It’s just a brilliant all round console. One thing in particular that I love? The games, especially the online multiplayer. With Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and then third-party offerings like Fortnite, the Switch is absolutely Nintendo’s biggest foray into the world of online gaming. Unfortunately, the system isn’t great when it comes to trying to find a stable connection. However, the Bionik Giganet Adapter aims to solve that problem for you.

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The first important fact to note is that, yes, this fits inside the dock. It is incredibly discreet and slots straight into the dock. I’m a huge fan of this. There is nothing worse than a messy cable environment and the fact that this object just slots straight into the back of the dock is more than convenience, it’s a feature. The product has a very tidy, simple design as well. It looks like it belongs in the dock and matches the design of Nintendo’s product well.


How does it perform? Well pretty impeccably. Using the exact same internet connection (only wired instead) as I was previously using I had a much more stable time with every game using the adapter. I tested it with all the games mentioned and was exceptionally impressed with Smash Bros. online performance. It’s incredibly smooth and feels akin to the couch multiplayer experience. The rest had less noticeable differences but Smash is the game that relies most on minute to minute gameplay.



I tested the Bionik Giganet Adapter as well as a different LAN adapter for the Nintendo Switch made by UGreen. The difference was substantial. I was actually impressed by the difference, it really helped counter something that I was worried about: value. At £29.99, if you’re going to do a lot of online gaming, the value is definitely here. Especially considering Animal Crossing and Pokemon are only months away. I’ve included some wired/wireless screenshots to compare. I also took my Switch dock to a friend’s house to test their mammoth internet connection and it managed to hit 250Mbps. I was impressed.


You can buy one right here.

  • You'll literally use it every time you turn on your console
  • Discreet look is amazing
  • Big upgrade
  • None really, does exaclty as it says on the tin

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