‘Blasphemous’ Gameplay Trailer looks Fantastic

My fellow writer Ray and I are the true intellectuals of TLG because we absolutely adore the Metroidvania genre. I mean, what’s not to like? Gorgeous old school inspired graphics, fantastic gameplay, and drug-infused music that gets that adrenaline pumping; it has it all. In this wonderful, albeit crowded genre, another new entry has been revealed by the name of Blasphemous and it infused a lot of interest inspirations into its DNA. In other words, it looks to be a uniquely fantastic experience. Here you can see the Blasphemous Gameplay Trailer:

Taking inspiration from games like Metroid, Dark Souls, and Castlevania, you’ll explore, fight, and upgrade your character to become a true successor to the Goblin Slayer. Or something like that.

The environments seem to be varied with classic recreations of gothic and medieval architecture, with some snowy areas and cave-like levels.

The gameplay looks nicely polished with swordplay that is both gruesome and satisfying to stare at. Enemies look both unique and varied making the entire thing, at a glance, to be a must-own experience. We’ll know more once we have a copy to review for you all.

'Blasphemous' Gameplay Trailer looks Fantastic

So, are you excited for Blasphemous? What are your thoughts after watching this Blasphemous Gameplay Trailer? How do you feel about the Metroidvania genre? Comment down below and let me know what you think about this new upcoming game! Also, remember to follow The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news, reviews and on everything indie related!

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