Blazing Chrome gets a release date

Blazing Chrome release date

Are you ready to blow some robots in glorious 16 bit? Great then, because we have a release date for Blazing Chrome. And it comes with a nice trailer too!

Aaaaah JoyMasher, you always bring happiness to this grumpy heart of mine. And today it’s filled with an extra side of joy because today is the day. After waiting for a while, we now have an official release date for Blazing Chrome! And it’s presented with a lovely violent and adrenaline-pumping trailer, extra points for that folks.

As stated by the end of the trailer, the run ‘n gun game will come out on July 11th. Also, we will also be able to unlock two new characters in the game; Suhaila and Raijin. The former is a badass razor girl with a robotic arm the size of Texas. The latter (as he is called Raijin, I have just formed a special bond with him) is a ninja that reminds me of a blend between Ryu Hayabusa and Hiryu from Strider. And I don’t know about you, but that’s quite a great thing to have in your action side-scroller if you ask me.

Blazing Chrome will come out on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch. If you want more retro titles, here’s Gato Roboto. However, if you want more JoyMasher, they launched this Oniken+Odallus pack too.

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