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A furiously fun and fast paced arcade action game, Bleed 2 welcomes back pink haired heroine Wryn, the world’s greatest and only remaining hero, as she fights to defend the globe from an invading force of villains. Master the art of air dodging and bullet reflecting to stylishly take down a relentless barrage of bad guys and bosses (and naughty kitties!). Just make sure Wryn lives up to her title as the Greatest Hero Of All Time.

Reviewed on Xbox One, also available on PS4.

Published By: Digerati

Released: 09/02/18

Download Size : 337.09mb
Bleed review


From the off, the retro styling and shooter vibe has got me fired up, type of game ticks all the boxes for me and is right up my street (or at least should be!).

First of all I had trouble getting my head around the control set up, its not the right trigger to shoot (that’s thr jump button) so first off I was jumping into enemies rather than shooting them… which came a little frustrating but after a while, when the controls became more familiar the enemies started to fall.

Your weapon of choice is your mini machine gun (uzi type) with an infnite supply of ammo you can shoot till your heart’s content, you are also able to parry incoming attacks using your Katana which can come in very handy against the bigger and more tricky enemies.

The speed of this game is insane as you dart around the screen in triple jumps and sprint attacks, and mixed with the mass of bad guys flying at you, it all makes for a screen full of fast action packed carnage. Although the action is there, it does start to feel all a bit samey after a while.

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The end of level bosses are over the top insane, I mean that in an aboslute good way as the bosses aren’t super hard to kill but they are just over the top badass.

The game itself is split into four sections; you have story mode which is your basic work through the campaign to defeat the bad guys and save the world, arcade mode challenges you to tackle the game on a single life, and boy, that’s a challenge!

Then you have classic endless mode which is a series of randomly selected levels, each time you play it’s different. Challenge mode is quite possibly the hardest thing ever having to select three different bosses to take on at once “just for fun” as the game says, slight tongue in check moment there I think from the developers.


Both the story mode and arcade modes can both be played as multiplayer in a couch co-op format with the second player just needing to press a button to jump straight in proper arcade style. Now I’m a big advocate for couch co-op games and Bleed 2 has the hallmarks for an awesome couch co-op title but unfortunately it just doesn’t pull it off for me, let me explain now; it has got the speed and action in abundance but it’s the speed that is also the undoing of the game too. Due to the lack of split screen in multiplayer one of the players nearly always spends most of their time off the screen and kind of hindering the gameplay, think back to Sonic 2 when you could play two player with Sonic and Tails and Tails spent most of the time flying around catching up… yeah, it’s that sort of thing. This caused my son and I to get a bit frustrated with the whole game. Bleed 2 is crying out for split screen and for me that would make the multiplayer a top couch co-op title.

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Graphics And Sound

The graphics are in a proper retro vibe and I am completely in love with the style of it. Everything graphic wise just fits and well; everything from the cut scenes to the levels and bosses… as over the top as they can be. The sounds are great too with awesome guitar riffs playing out throughout the game getting you in the mood to kick ass and take names. There are no voice actors in this game and there is no need for them; this is straight from the archives gaming as it should be.


It’s hard for me to summarize my feelings towards Bleed 2 as I like the game but also dislike it at the same time. There is action a plenty from the off and the retro style is completely my bag, but certain aspects of the game just don’t completely work for me such as multiplayer and the action; although being awesome, it becomes a bit samey after a few levels. If you like retro gaming it’s definitely worth picking up to past the time, but might not be something you would play for hours and hours…

Bleed 2













  • Retro Styling
  • All out Action
  • Over the top Soundtrack

Not Cool

  • No Splitscreen
  • Action gets a bit samey

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