Blizzcon: Overwatch details

Blizzcon Overwatch

At last there is a new hero and her name is Moira, she is a talon support character which Jeff Kaplan spelling her name as OPAF. She is definitely a character that most players in the Overwatch community have been waiting for, someone that can finally combat mercy in giving the “good heals”.


Moira’s main ability is Biotic Grasp with which you can heal with her left hand and damage with her right hand. Think of Symmetra’s primary fire for damage and Mei’s primary fire for the healing without the evil devil that is Mei. Moira’s other abilities is Biotic Orb this is a ball that will bounce off walls and heal your allies or damage your enemies depending which kind of orb you want. The other ability is Fade, it allows you to quickly teleport a short distance, kind of like reaper wrath form but faster. Moira’s ultimate is Coalescence, where she fires a beam that heals your allies and damages your enemies.

Blizzard World

The other big reveals at Blizzcon were the unveiling of the new hybrid map Blizzard World. Blizzard World is a theme park that takes its inspiration from Stormwind in Warcraft, StarCraft, and diablo but has a bunch of attractions from every blizzard game. From what I saw of the map, it looks a little fun but out of place in the Overwatch world but I’m sure I will get used to it. The map will be hitting the PTR soon and live early next year.


There is also a short cinematic for Reinhardt showing a bit of his past and that glorious hair of his. Moira will be out soon, there is no specific date but I’m guessing she will be on the PTR this week or next week like they did for Sombra. Following this Blizzcon I am very excited to play both Moira and Blizzard World, I’m also very excited for what’s to come for Overwatch.

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