Bloodstained creator IGA plays DANGEN newest game

bloodstained creator

The father of metroidvanias likes to play indies from time to time too. Here’s Bloodstained creator playing DANGEN’s newest title: Minoria.

Well, it’s been a while since we don’t hear news regarding ArtPlay’s first born daughter. However, at least we can say that its founder, Igarashi Koji, is still wandering around. And he’s also taking a look at the newest indie titles coming out this month, which is quite nice. Here’s Bloodstained creator playing the latest title published by DANGEN Entertainment: Minoria.

As you can see in this Let’s Play courtesy of the fine folks at DANGEN, IGA is quite the avid player when it comes to gothic-themed titles. Minoria may present some elements familiar to people who enjoyed Castlevania titles back in the day. From churches to full moons shining upon creatures of the night, Minoria ticks most of all the boxes in Igarashi’s list.

Aside from playing, Igarashi shares some small details and aspects that every developer should learn from time to time. Damage feedback, focusing the light on the player’s character, secrets,… You know, the usual stuff you’ll see on anything that has “metroidvania” written under its title.

If you are eager to play Minoria, you are in for a treat, as it is now available on Steam. For a bunch of golden coins, you can get a title that will show you how gothic is coming back. And please, do not make me say the game journos will use to define this game…

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