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Breach & Clear: Deadline Review


“A deadly new breed of human monster is on the rise, and it’s up to players to stop the infestation before it spreads. Breach & Clear: Deadline is the all-new follow up to Breach & Clear, the critically acclaimed hybrid tactical strategy game. The game gives players real-time control over a squad of four elite Special Forces tasked with tracking down information on the source of the infestation. Enthralling Action: Adds real-time strategy to a franchise already acclaimed for its tactical combat. New Modes: An all-new Command Mode gives total control over the entire squad for on-the-fly tactical planning. Deep, strategic gameplay: Plan and execute detailed strategies as players encounter a wide assortment of enemy types and combat scenarios. Detailed open world: Explore the secrets hidden deep within Harbor City via several districts, each with dynamically generated areas. RPG Elements: Countless side quests where players can grab experience and level up their squad’s core and tactical abilities, grab rare ammo, weapons and gear.”



Release date
August 3rd 2016

Published by
Mighty Rabbit Studios

Approximate download size
3.15 GB

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Reviewed on Xbox One; also available on Playstation 4 and PC.




  • Great ambience. Perfect mix of soundtrack and scenarios, providing a true  immersive dimension for the story.
  • Permadeath; naming your squad members like someone you know before losing them in combat might trigger some feelings and will make you care about them.
  • Real time and paused combat.
  • Decent enemy variety; encounter spitters, regular zombies and humans.
  • RPG elements giving even more depth to the game.



  • Broken Quests; preventing you to advance in some parts of the campaign. Bummer, right?
  • Loading times.
  • Occasional bugs.


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