Bungie Sure Has A Busy Week Ahead Of Them…

You know with the release of Destiny 2 on Tuesday. As you may know, many players have already pre downloaded Destiny 2 on their consoles already; including myself. Because of that, as soon as the game launches players will be able to jump right into the action without waiting for the game to download.  Plus players have access to the goodies that come with pre-ordering.

No matter what version of the game you purchase as long as you pre-order the game you will receive the digital pre-order pack. Within the pack you will receive the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle, Kill-Tracker Ghost, and Salute Emote for your guardian.
There are currently three available versions of Destiny 2 for players to purchase.


Destiny 2 Launch Edition- $59.99 Buy

Destiny 2 Game + Expansion- $89.99 Buy

Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe Edition- $99.99 Buy

Destiny 2 Types
In the Launch Edition you receive the base game along with the pre-order bonus. In the Expansion version you receive the pre-order bonus and access to the two future expansion passes. In the Digital Deluxe version you receive the pre-order bonuses, expansion passes, and a legendary sword, legendary player emote, and a cabal themed emblem for your guardian.

Destiny 2 also has promotional items like Rockstar energy drinks and Pop Tarts in which you can receive XP and loot codes.

pop tarts                        rockstar

Whatever version of the game you purchase just be ready to grind away and get the best gear possible. Good luck Guardians.


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