Call of Duty WW2 “Days of Summer” event begins – including a look at the incredible new Sandbox map

After 2017’s Call of Duty: WWII shot to the top of the US Video game charts and topped $1 billion in revenue it’s no surprise that Activision has continued to support the title. First there was numerous DLC packs, now there’s the Days of Summer event. Available until August 28th, there’ll be a new map, dogfights, three new weapons, new Master Prestige awards, new zombies, new zombie mode orders, new personalization options and a new Community Challenge. There’s also going to be plenty of double XP opportunities. Check it all out in this trailer:

That’s right, it’s a f*cking Sandbox

Yeah you heard and saw correctly. That new map is a literal sandbox where you shrink down to toy soldier size. Pretty cool right? Available first on PS4 you’ll be able to battle it out by the beach.


Top Gun

With the War Machine DLC pack dogfighting was introduced to COD: WWII. Now it comes to everyone via this event. Take to the skies above mountain ranges and the Egyptian Pyramids and battle for dominance.


Three New Toys

Not one, not two, but three new weapons for you to get your hands on. A high damage prototype French submachine gun, a Soviet rifle with a slow rate of fire but plenty of stopping power and a brand new sniper labeled the ‘one shot machine’.


For all the intel on everything including by developer’s Sledgehammer Games in this event, head here to the Activision blog:

For details on how to play the next Call of Duty title; Black Ops IIII, head here. For a funny story about me skipping school to play Modern Warfare 2, head this way. For more news and review, stick to

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