Captain Disaster in: Death Has a Million Stomping Boots Review


Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is a point and click adventure from an indie developer that is so indie that the game isn’t available on any mainstream platform for purchase, such as Steam or consoles. This adventure is a throwback to older LucasArts games and other classics that dominated gaming over twenty years ago and, so, let’s see how this type of game can fare in 2018.

Release Date: January 13, 2018
Price: $8.99
Approximate Size: 132 MB
Genre: Point And Click
Developed by Team Disaster
Published by Team Disaster

Reviewed on PC.


The story is pretty straightforward in that it has Captain Disaster looking for work and he just happens to stumble into an adventure. Yes, this is a cliché used across all mediums but none of them unravel quite how this one does. This adventure is broken into three acts and each one is different from each other and an enjoyable experience, with the second act being my favorite. It’s a fun, and funny, adventure that has a lot of interesting characters and a genuinely fun story. My only complaint with the story centers around the villain. He lacks depth and his lack of a background made him feel detached to the overall plot. I would have liked to know more about him and his intentions, how he ended up this way, etc. The same can be said about the main character, however, his personality more than makes up for this. With all of that being said, this story is nice, and you’ll enjoy it. All of my issues, and remember these are my issues, can be addressed in a sequel or prequel.


Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is point and click adventure in the vain of classic games like Day Of The Tentacle and The Secret Of Monkey Island to name a few. You will control the main character, Captain Disaster himself, and with the mouse you will click where you want him to walk to, what you want him to interact with, and what to examine. Spread across three acts, a variety of characters, and puzzles that range from simple to comically complex will round out your adventure. Those seeking a game will a lot of player freedom won’t find it here but those who loved those classic games, simple yet comedic, and wish to embark on a refreshing take on the genre will feel genuinely happy to play this game.

To elaborate more on the puzzles, some of them I found quite easy but there were some that had me scratching my head. That’s a rarity now a days in gaming with so much hand holding and its surprising that a game you do so little in offers so much. You collect items in the game that you’ll have to examine to find out all their utilizations, you’ll have to combine items, and speaking with NPCs unlock more items or information about the world. This is one of the few games that I liked reading everything, learning about the world, but afterwards I was left wanting more.

Overall the gameplay is great, and it serves it purpose. The variety in the gameplay, as in the steps that you’ll point and click through, is refreshing and leaves you on your toes on what will happen next. With that being said, it’s not a perfect game mechanically. There were a few instances where I solved a puzzle but it wouldn’t register, or I didn’t click exactly where I was meant to even if it was a few millimeters off. Also I never felt like my life was in danger nor were there any instances where I could have died and though this might not be common other entries in the genre, it would have nice to have that suspense or sense of urgency, that fear of survival.


The graphics are really an art gallery, showcasing works of 90s inspired nickelodeon cartoon arts of scenery. I love it, each area has been crafted to look unique and still carry the sci-fi element and theme of the story. Captain Disaster looks exactly how his personality would describe him, a Captain who cares less about his physical characteristics and more about his unhealthy habits. His outfit screams about a man who doesn’t really take pride in what he wears, how he acts, or what others think about him. Its simple design choices like this that work and show that the artist crafted him with love and attention to detail and most would gloss over but had Captain Disaster been in a tuxedo or well groomed, this clash of his personality would have been noticeable and off putting. The other NPCs in the game, even the antagonists, are designed wonderfully and there is some variety in the design, as well as cameos and Easter eggs from other popular pop culture media. Locales are varied and there was never a moment where I saw a scenery and felt like I had seen it before, unless it was intentional, or that assets were reused.

With that being said, there are some areas that aren’t as wonderfully drawn or constructed and these stick out as sore thumbs. I wouldn’t dare say that the team got lazy, I don’t think that was the case, I just think some areas were prioritized over others and it makes sense but be aware that some areas will stick out. Other than those far and few between instances, I really enjoyed how it looked overall.


This is one of the best elements of the game. The soundtrack is awesome, a combination of electromagnetic beats, 80’s synth, and elements that scream that you’re in a futuristic space adventure. Computer sounds, doors, robots, etc. all sound how one would imagine they would while different locations have different musical showcases to represent it. The cave you visit at one-point sounds almost like an empty place of sorrow with its somber sounds and light beats while the Robo bar sounds like a place where the party is always at with its electro sounding vibes and sounds. You can tell this area got a lot of care and love because there is a lot of variety, more than I expected and more than can be found in higher budgeted games.

The voice acting is good, a British cast, and they all fit the character they are voicing. None of them felt out of place or that they didn’t fit a character they were voicing. I enjoyed the dialogue and the delivery but there is one aspect of the vocals I would hope would be address should there be another game from these developers. There were instances where the dialogue, usually one line here and there, that was recorded at a different time than the dialogue that just proceeded it from the same character and there were some volume anomalies. It’s very uncommon but when it happens, its jarring and can break the experience. If this was a game that was released on mainstream platforms, I’d imagine a patch would address it but I’m unaware on how it works on independently distributed games.


Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is a throwback point and click adventure with a nice, comical, story. It’s a nice adventure spread across three acts but the main villain and races of the universe lack depth or any background. The soundtrack is the highlight, the music is fantastic, and the voice acting is great, with some issues with sound levels. The graphics are nice, reminiscent to the 1990s, but there are some areas that stick out because they could have used more time and polish. The puzzles are great, pop culture references are plentiful and a respectable callback, and it’s a refreshing experience. I enjoyed my time with the game and look forward to seeing what’s next.


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Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots







Single player





  • Unique Story Elements
  • Puzzles And Comedy
  • Soundtrack
  • Art And Pop Culture References
  • Price

Not Cool

  • Some Lack Of Visual Polish
  • Some Audio Anomalies
  • Lack Of Background On Characters
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