Dark Souls 2 is absolutely dreadful

I’ve actually been very restrained in that title. I wanted to be a lot harsher. Dark Souls II deserves that. More importantly, around a year ago I joined The Loot Gaming. It was a big moment for...[Read More]

Slightly Mad Studios Is Making A Console

Back in 2008, a private company launched a video game studio called Slightly Mad Studios in London, England. Since then, the company has released games in the racing genre such as Need For Speed: Shif...[Read More]

FromSoftware Is Working On 2 Unannounced Games

It’s always frustratingly wonderful when Developers come out and say they are working on something unannounced. It’s wonderful because you know that your favorite studio is working up something great ...[Read More]

Is Catherine Coming To PC?

In 2011, Atlus released one of the most unique gaming experiences on the Xbox 360 and PS3, titled Catherine. The game received praise for its concept and story and has inspired speedrunners to challen...[Read More]

The Real Madden Killer: MUT

Gameday 99. The game that evolved my love for what would become two of my greatest passions, football and video games. I remember the year, 1998, one night over my neighbour’s house. I remember ...[Read More]

“If you haven’t beaten every Souls game you can’t call yourself a gamer”

I don’t really have much more to say. If you haven’t killed Ornstein and Smough solo on at least new game plus, can you really claim to be a gamer? If you haven’t performed this incr...[Read More]

Ray Gorondorf’s Top 10 Games of 2018

It’s time to sit down, relax and talk about some of the best games that 2018 has given to us! Oh boy, how much I’m enjoying 2018! Wait… what do you mean it’s December? WaitR...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 Remake and the meaning of terror

Resident Evil 2 Remake is getting closer to its release date, and it's time to talk about how horror is shaping this new yet old title.

Bioware Teases New Game At The Game Awards

A quick teaser was shown off by Bioware surrounding their next game. Conventional wisdom will say this is the next Dragon Age but, well, you never know. What do you think? Is this Dragon Age? Are you ...[Read More]

Scavengers Shown At The Game Awards

Scavengers is a new game set to blend cooperative and competitive survival gameplay with class based team building. Things the player will have to be weary about, besides other players, outlanders and...[Read More]


Recent study shows yearly power consumption of current and former generation of consoles

As gamers, we are more than used to watch graphic and performance comparisons between consoles, am I right? But, what about power consumption? Have you ever wondered which console makes your bill go u...[Read More]

German Retailer Lists Assassin’s Creed Compilation

It seems German retailer Media Markt has a listing for another collection of Assassin’s Creed games for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. This listing of an Assassin’s Creed Compilatio...[Read More]

Rumor: Crash Team Racing To Appear At The Game Awards

We sure love our rumors on the internet, don’t we? The following tweet was posted and it does seem to indicate that Crash Team Racing could be popping up as a remaster. So….uh….these just ...[Read More]

Fallout 76 Has Been Pretty Rad To Me: A Small Glimpse Of My Experience

Fallout 76 hasn’t received the warmest of receptions since its Beta was launched and things have only escalated since the game’s official release. Now, I know it’s the popular thing to bash the game a...[Read More]

Castlevania Symphony of the Night: the real example of true developer freedom

Creativity can be good? No way! You know what? I think it’s time to show people I can write positive things regarding video games. Not everything has to be a dark puddle made out of sorrow, so n...[Read More]

Fallout 76: Fans Vs Facts

Almost Hellish, Glitched Virginia Sometimes I like to think (when I’m not dropping bitter bombs at least) that companies have still some care about what they are selling to customers. But then, ...[Read More]

My Little Company: Why the Gaming Industry Is Bullsh*t nowadays

Crunch, loot boxes, microtransactions… All these things are here for one reason only: because we allow it. Video games. Gamevids. That thing you play when you want to stop worrying about real li...[Read More]

PS4’s best Family Friendly games

Christmas is coming thick and fast. The weirdos in society will be able to tell you how many sleeps away it is. Other oddballs have their decorations up already. Some people will soon start wearing th...[Read More]

A child reviews Crayola Scoot

I recently played a decent amount of Crayola Scoot. Immediately one thing was clear to me. This game was aimed at the younger generations. While there’s plenty of fun to be had for all ages, it ...[Read More]

Generation Zero Closed Beta – First Impressions

On Thursday, October 18th, Avalanche Studios released the Generation Zero closed beta for those lucky enough to receive a code.  Please note that this is a very early build for the game and I did come...[Read More]

#SquadGoals – 10 Years of ‘SocCar’ and Psyonix are still in a league of their own!

It’s not often that developers find themselves in the enviable position of having created their own unique sub-genre, let alone devise a game that becomes so totally synonymous and dominant within the...[Read More]

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror Rises from the Grave

Blizzard has officially launched its Halloween Terror seasonal event for Overwatch. The event began on October 9th and allows players to earn Halloween themed loot boxes. Junkenstein’s Revenge, one of...[Read More]

Top 5 reasons why the PS Vita died ahead of time

Recently, the discontinuation of the last line of PS Vita production in Japan was announced. But let’s be honest… It doesn’t come as a surprise at all. Let’s face it, PS Vita h...[Read More]

2K, Blind Squirrel Games, and Nintendo Owe Us Money

I love pro wrestling. I grew up during its height, through the beloved attitude era. I watched Stone Cold, The Rock, and others become the iconic legends they are now. I’ve gone back and watched the r...[Read More]

It’s far from Doom and Gloom at Xbox

Gears, Forza, Halo To understand this and in order to give some context, first you have to know where all this came from. Microsoft was riding high back on the mega successful Xbox 360 era. All they h...[Read More]

Devil May Cry V Has Microtransactions… Why?

Character action games are the best games ever crafted, the perfect blend of convoluted plots told through epic cutscenes and a thrill ride where the emphasis is placed on gameplay. The one currently ...[Read More]

Golden Joysticks 2018: The Nominees, How to Vote and Adam’s Choices

Without any further ado, here are this year’s Golden Joystick Awards categories and nominees: Best storytelling Forgotton Anne God of War – Adam’s Choice. It’s clear why, check...[Read More]

Saying Goodbye to Telltale Games with my top ten moments from their titles

Before writing this article I honestly had no idea just how many games Telltale had made. They’re a juggernaut. Looking at their back catalogue and they’ve made CSI and Wallace and Gromit ...[Read More]

THQ Nordic’s Acquisitions: Five IPs I’d love them to buy

THQ Nordic are currently in the process of buying up any videogame IP that isn’t nailed to the ground. They currently have a strong library of games with several incredible upcoming titles. For ...[Read More]

Kotaku’s take on Spider-Man’s attitude to the Police is incredibly out of touch with the character, universe and real life Police

Recently Kotaku published an opinion article stating that ‘Spider-Man’s Take on Police Feels Out of Touch‘. Click the link to check out the article, I’ll summarize the piece ri...[Read More]

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