My Top 10 games of all time

Gaming is a wonderful medium, isn’t it? As gamers, we get to experience so many stories, worlds and characters in the palm of our hands. We can climb mountains, explore the depths of the ocean and fly...[Read More]

5 Things Metro Exodus Does Well

Do you think you know Metro? You haven’t seen anything yet! Your first impression of Metro is usually a linear but satisfying story with unique, challenging enemies and flawless level design. Th...[Read More]

How to change your PlayStation Network Name

Rejoice, the day we revealed was coming nearly a year ago is finally here! Whether your PSN ID is hugeballs69 or RVPdieTRAITOR you’ll be able to change it to whatever you like. That’s righ...[Read More]

Way of the Passive Fist Switch review 9.8 Amazing

Way of the Passive Fist Switch review

It was one of the greatest indie titles of 2018, and now it’s back on handheld mode. Don’t try to evade our Way of the Passive Fist Switch review! Once again, I’m talking about this ...[Read More]

The Twelve Quickest Platinum Trophies on PS4 – each one can be earned in under an hour!

Who doesn’t love earning a Platinum trophy? That happy little ping that signifies you’ve accomplished pretty much all a game has to offer. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed trophy hun...[Read More]

WedNESday #11

This weekend the world was witnessed to the grandest professional wrestling event in sports entertainment history: WrestleMania 35. This event saw several stories come to their conclusion. Kofi Kingst...[Read More]

This Week’s Deals With Gold and Spotlight Deals

Once again here we are on another Deals With Gold Tuesday, and this Week’s offers have a more tasty feel to it with games such as Overcooked and The Lost Morsel DLC on offer alongside plenty oth...[Read More]

‘Stephen Hendry’s This Is Snooker’ Has Been Officially Announced

For a while now, since last September at EGX to be exact, I have been keeping tabs on the progress of This Is Pool from the guys at Voofoo Studios. Ever since I managed to get my hands on the preview ...[Read More]

From Software games

Sekiro: How to beat Sword Saint Isshin

I adore everything about this fight. It really is From Software at their total apex. It’s tough, fast, aggressive, powerful and everything else you’d expect from a true final boss. Isshin ...[Read More]

9.2 Amazing

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review

So here we are. I have sunk a lot of hours into the latest FromSoftware title and this review won’t hold back. It’s a masterpiece. Activision and FromSoftware have created a wonderful titl...[Read More]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Best place to farm skill points experience and gold in the late game

Hopefully, everyone is having a great time with From Software’s wonderful Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I am. I’ve just beat my second playthrough and have decided to share some helpful advic...[Read More]

From Software games

FromSoftware games and their silent issues

FromSoftware games are notorious for their difficult and challenging gameplay, but is this really the real issue about them? Fine, I’m not going to lie to you: Adam kind of already wrote about t...[Read More]

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