Sea of Thieves gets a Content Roadmap

Executive Producer Joe Neate has released both a video and an article detailing the Sea of Thieves content roadmap. This shows many of the additions that Rare are going to be bringing to the Pirate ad...[Read More]

Sega confirms Shenmue I & II are coming to current gen consoles and PC

After years of fans praying to the SEGA pantheon, we have finally received their blessing. Shenmue 1 & 2 have been announced, to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018. I remember ...[Read More]

Ikaruga May Be Coming to Switch

Japanese developer Treasure seems to be hinting that widely popular shoot ‘em up Ikaruga might be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Ikaruga first launched in 2001 in arcades and has managed to come to ev...[Read More]

Football Manager Touch 2018 Available Now on Nintendo Switch

Say goodbye to your families Switch owning football fans, the king of the football management sim has arrived. Releasing today on the Nintendo Switch Eshop is Football Manager Touch 2018. Featuring jo...[Read More]

Full List of BAFTA Game Awards 2018 Winners

With literally zero further ado, here you have it: Best Game: What Remains of Edith Finch Original Property: Horizon Zero Dawn Music: Cuphead Game Design: Super Mario Odyssey Evolving Game: Overwatch ...[Read More]

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Shows Off New Survivor Maya

It’s no secret I love zombie games, horror films, and Secure Team. Zombie games have become oversaturated to some but for me it’s been an expanded course of choices. One of the most popular Zombie fra...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts 3 Date Possibly Leaked Or Hinted At

The release date for Square Enix’s multi-world adventure RPG Kingdom Hearts 3 may have been leaked by retailer Target with the date of November 1st 2018. Apparently they are the only ones with this da...[Read More]

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion Leak?

When Nintendo first launched their team-based shooter Splatoon on Nintendo Wii U, no one could ever imagine that they would strike gold with its colorful shooter. A sequel was inevitable and shortly a...[Read More]

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Collectors Edition Announced!

Arc System Works has revealed the collectors edition for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and with preorder options starting on May 4th on the official Arc System Works website. The game is set to launch on...[Read More]

Shovel Knight Sells 2 Million Copies!

You read that right. Yacht Club’s indie darling Shovel Knight has sold over 2 million copies. The game took 18 months to hit the first million and 26 months to hit the second. It’s an incr...[Read More]

How Playstation Invented and Perfected the ‘Dad Simulator’

Back in the PS3’s console generation Sony was lagging behind Microsoft. After a horror story of a start, the PS3 finally started to gather traction and really cement itself as an excellent conso...[Read More]

Attack On Titan 2 Review

For those of you unaware, Attack On Titan, also known as “Shingeki No Kyojin”, is a worldwide anime hit. I bet you should have already heard of it if you are into this type of animation. S...[Read More]

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