Resident Evil 2 ‘Leon and Claire ’98’ DLC costumes announced, more free content on its way

Capcom wants to please all type of fans with this new Leon and Claire '98 costume DLC.

Anthem Pre-order Guide

2019 is starting with a bang. Before we even get a chance to catch our breaths and enjoy all of 2018’s marquee titles, there are several more massive titles exploding onto our consoles. One of t...[Read More]

Genesis Alpha One releases next week, watch the new roguelike trailer here!

Team17 are starting 2019 very strongly. After surpassing a century of releases in 2018 the publisher is releasing a brand new title in January from German developer Radiation Blue. This will be the st...[Read More]

Rumor: Fallout 76 could be going free to play soon

UPDATE: Bethesda recently tweeted denying the f2p model for Fallout 76, which could mean it will not be happening soon, but it’s more than likely happening at a later date unless the player coun...[Read More]

Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay and Story Details

Mortal Kombat 11 reveal was spectacular. It dropped a ton of information on us, both things that we had questions for and things we couldn’t even imagine. It’s bigger, bloodier, and more a...[Read More]

Dragon Ball Project Z is starting development this year

Dragon Ball Project Z is starting development this year. The game will be an Action RPG.

The Elder Scrolls Online new Expansion ‘Elsweyr’ has been Announced

That’s right, Bethesda announced yesterday in their Twitch live stream that the Elder Scrolls Online world is about to get even bigger with the expansion named Elsweyr. Bethesda showcased the El...[Read More]

Dead Cells Sold Huge On its First Week On Switch and Free DLC is Coming

Dead Cells is a tremendous game, a game we enjoyed here at The Loot Gaming. We knew it was a massive success for the developers when they mentioned how pleased they were with the sales figures of the ...[Read More]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Is Coming To The West On Nintendo Switch and PC

You may not be aware but Dragon Ball Heroes is a card based game that has been around since 2010. It has spawned other media, even a current series of short anime episodes, but has mostly been locked ...[Read More]


Choosing 3 studios that fit ‘The big 3’

Bungivision is over With the recent news of developer Bungie having their shackles untied from publisher Activision, many Xbox fans are hoping Microsoft pulls out the cheque book to get them back into...[Read More]

The Messenger is Getting New Free DLC, and even More Could Follow

One of the best action adventure platformers is getting free DLC this year, and based on this review, I’m definitely talking about The Messenger. The new expansion is called ‘Picnic Panic’ and s...[Read More]

Celeste Is Getting Free DLC!

One of the best platformers of this generation, and one we would put up against any other, is officially getting additional content. Celeste won our Best Platformer award because it is exactly that, t...[Read More]

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