Last Day of June: Review

Overview Last Day of June is an adventure puzzle game that revolves around Carl and June. The game starts out with them spending some quality time together on the pier. When they decide to leave they ...[Read More]

Energy Cycle Review

This product was reviewed on a PlayStation 4 Pro, also available on Xbox One and Windows PC. Overview Energy Cycle is a puzzle game made by Sometimes You, also the creator of Energy Balance. The objec...[Read More]

Hello Neighbor Review

This game was reviewed on Xbox One X and also has been enhanced for the Xbox One X, also available on Windows PC. Overview Hello Neighbor is a stealth survival horror game. It features and advanced AI...[Read More]

A New Predator Is Coming To Wildlands 

Confirmed by Ubisoft on their official Twitter feed, to celebrate this year being 30 years since the original Predator, a new Predator mode will be available as a free DLC in a special event from 14th...[Read More]

Rememoried Review

This game was reviewed on the Xbox One X. It is also available for Windows PC. Overview Rememoried is a puzzle adventure game in which you are in a dream and explore different worlds where the only wa...[Read More]

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection announced

During the Capcom Cup 2017 today, Capcom announced that Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection would be coming to all major platforms in 2018. The Collection will feature a total of 12 arcade game...[Read More]

A Way Out …A Way To Do It Together

Being a big fan of the couch co-op genre I am super pumped about this game. A Way Out is a co-op only action adventure game from EA which see you play as the violent Leo or the calm and collected Vinc...[Read More]

A New Devil May Cry HD Collection announced for 2018

Capcom had just announced it’ll be bringing Devil May Cry 1-3 to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on March 13th 2018, being labelled as the HD collection much like they did last console generation. Fans ha...[Read More]

More Tombs are going to be Raided…and maybe sooner than we think

The official Twitter account of the Tomb Raider franchise made a teaser announcement of sorts today regarding the next instalment of the franchise. They shared the following message: The news that the...[Read More]

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